Maker Meetup

Let's Make & Create

Tuesday, July 31st, 9am-3pm

1521 Technology Parkway

Cedar Falls, IA

Does your district currently have a Makerspace? Or, have an interest in learning more about developing one? Join us on July 31st for Maker Meetup: Let's Make & Create. The day will be spent being inspired by Kevin Jarrett, Maker Extraordinaire, participating in maker experiences, and learning practical advice about the use of Makerspaces. Whether you are just beginning or have an established space, this day will have something for everyone. Check out our website for the schedule and additional presenter information.

Registration Information

Registration is currently open online through Central Rivers Professional Learning.

Maker Meetup: Let's Make & Create

Course # 15768

Section # 30579

Registration fees are $25 per person including lunch. A renewal credit is offered as well for $85. Information about required coursework is available within the course description.

Learn More About Our Keynote - Kevin Jarrett!

Kevin Jarrett has fourteen years of K-8 experience designing, building and leading elementary & middle school technology programs (including screen-based technology education and STEAM - Makerspace - Design Thinking experiences). As Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, he has led countless workshops and institutes at local, state, regional and national education conferences on a range of topics including technology integration, design thinking and maker-centered learning. In 2016, he was named as one of twenty Stanford Fablearn Fellows, a diverse group of global educators advocating for maker-centered learning in schools worldwide. Back in 2010, Kevin and several colleagues organized the first-ever Edcamp in Philadelphia; the rest is history. He currently consults full-time for educational institutions across the country, specializing in development, implementation & support of maker-centered learning programs and the hands-on, minds-on learning spaces in which they thrive.