The Oxford Cleric

Antwon Jordan

What specific occupation does your character practice?

The Oxford Cleric was a student who studied philosophy.
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What does the need for this occupation tell us about the time period?

Chaucer has a pleasant satire when describing the Oxford Cleric because he wants the readers to form their own impression of the character

What was his or her social standing?

The Oxford Cleric was quite poor. He spent all of his money, and his friends money, on books.

What might your character’s day to day life be like?

His day to day life would consist of reading books, studying, and learning.

What details about this character does Chaucer not include?

He is a quiet man who is short and to the point. He is reserved but respectful. The Oxford Cleric was thin because he would spend his money on books instead of food and clothing .

What modern day occupation might correspond to your medieval character and why?

The Oxford Cleric would be a college student because he spends all of his money on school and books.