2014-2015 Exhibition Update

Our Wellness

Week 2 Update

Greetings from 5M, 5P and 5S!

Our rooms are buzzing with excitement- students have started getting knee-deep into their research. This week, we:

1. Finalized Central Ideas for each group,

2. Identified Lines of Inquiries for each team member,

3. Focused on specific keywords to help launch our research,

4. Started identifying 2-3 text-based research and 1 non-text based (such as BrainPop video, an interview, a survey, a Discovery Channel video,...) materials, and

5. Remembered to focus in on the "PROCESS" and reflect on how it's going.

How can I support what's going on in the classrooms?

Tip 1: Generate a discussion on your child's topic- focus on the meaning and the importance of the topic.

Tip 2: Encourage daily "How is it going?" conversation.

Tip 3: Support your child with resources that may be available through the local library branch, or suggest potential people to interview, or provide additional online materials.