Andrew Jackson, the "King"

By Ceila Martinez (5th period)

Spoils System

The Spiols System is where Jackson gives out free jobs to his political supporters. He did the so more people could vote for him the next time he runs as president. The people that he hired were not necessarily qualified for their jobs. It was likely that America had economic losses due to unexperienced employee.

Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Avt happened when Georgia and its area wanted the Cherokee out. The planned to send the out and into Oklahoma. So the Supreme Court said that Jackson could not remove them since they were their own nation. Jackson did not listen to the Supreme Court since he was going to benefit off their land.

Killing the National Bank

Andrew Jackson felt that the National Bank was unconstitutional. Jackson felt that the National Bank was unfair. The National Bank and only gave out loans to the wealthy since they felt that they could actually pay back unlike the poor. Jackson disagreed with the National Bank, so when he had a chance he vetoed the National Bank.

Political Cartoon

This cartoon shows Jackson dressed as a king. Jackson is dressed like this because he disagreed with everything he was told so he just did it his way. This cartoon show Jackson stepping on the constitution and him holding a paper with the word "veto" on it. The artist of this cartoon must dislike Jackson very much and is trying to show Jackson acts more like a king rather than a president.

Letter from a Cherokee

Dear President Andrew Jackson

Removing our nation from our homeland is something only a cold hearted person would do. Our nation has lived their for decades, we have everything, schools, farms and families that will be heartbroken once the realize that we are buena removed. Having to move to Oklahoma will ruin our nation!. We will have to rebuild everything, and that is something you Americans don't realize. Also moving might cause many deaths since we are not used to the cold climate in Oklahoma, no matter how comfortable you plan on moving us.

Letter from a Southerner

Dear President Andrew Jackson

I am thankful that for once we have a president that worries for us ordinary people. I wanted to thank you for removing the Cherokee nation. Now the southerners can benefit off their land since we can grow cotton in their land and they have tons of gold. The south might get a growth in economy since their land provides cotton and gold that we can sell to the north and get money off of it.