Richardson High School

Chemistry Lab Safety

Safety is our Culture...

During the year, in this course, we will be conducting several experiments in a formal laboratory setting.

It is imperative (very important) that you understand and practice our

laboratory safety protocol.

This poster will review the following safety topics:

  • SDS
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Types of safety equipment
  • Location of safety equipment in the classroom
  • Behavior
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Handling Chemicals
  • Safety contracts

Chemistry Lab Safety Contract

You are required to have a laboratory safety contract signed and dated by both you and a parent/guardian on file with your Chemistry Teacher to participate in any laboratory experiments.

By signing the Lab Safety Contract, both you and your parent/guardian acknowledge that you have read and understand the safety procedures and agree to follow these safety expectations to ensure a safe learning environment.

Click on "Chemistry lab Safety Contract" below to print a copy of the safety contract.