BY: Allie Y, Jordan D, Cyen P, Alex D, Robert H


Why Germany?

The school system in Germany pushes its student to their full ability. Having the school day and year be longer will boost the knowledge that these students receive. Learning about the education in Germany could help better our education system here in the United States. This information could then help us better our own life's.

Grading Scale

The grading scale runs from one (the best mark) to six. Students receiving a poor mark of five or six in several subjects may have to repeat a year, but this is rare. School is compulsory between the ages of six and 15, but most students attend school until age 18 or 19 when they graduate from Gymnasium or advanced vocational school. In western Germany students used to finish Gymnasium at the end of the 13th grade, but as of 2011, all students in Germany now graduate after the 12th year.
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Amount of Homework

After the first 4 years of primary school (Grundschule/Volkschule), children attend different types of schools with varying academic programs. The more intensive academic programs involved more home work. We do not have much information on the extent to which home work was assigned over time. The satchels the children wore back and forth from school was one indicator that home work was being assigned(HBC-SC,1).

Length of School Day

School begins between 7:30 and 8:15 and can finish as early as noon. This is usually the case with the lower grades. In the higher grades, classes can continue up until 6:00, depending on the school. Each period is 45 minutes long, with five-minute breaks in between.(Williams,1)

Required Number of Years

Kindergarten is optional. Home schooling is not allowed, unless a child is too sick to attend regular classes. After the fourth grade, children are divided into different schools based on ability. The brightest children between 10 and 11 years of age are nominated by their teachers for the gymnasium – not a “gym” at all, but a secondary school for gifted children. They will attend for nine years. There is pressure to earn a nomination to be accepted into the gymnasium, as this opens the way for acceptance into college. (Williams,1)
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Required Days per Year

Germany has around 240 days per year.(Haupt,1)


The school system in Germany is more complex and in some ways more advanced than our own school system. The students in Germany are definitely getting more educated than the students in the United States. They have longer school days and longer school years, which already puts the ahead of us. There grading scale is totally opposite of ours and the amount of homework they receive is very slim compared to ours. Germany is more advanced because the students spend more time in school, and get to work with people who have the same interest them.

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