Perseverance From Grit

by Ryan Malesich

Excellence vs. Perfection

Many people try to achieve their best, while others try to accomplish something great every time. People with excellence tend to be very persistent at something where as people with perfection make sure there is no flaws at all. They also have somethings in common like, they both are trying to accomplish something and they both don't give up at what they are trying to accomplish.

One example of someone who has excellence is Lee from "Orphan Train Rider", by Andrea Warren. Lee is someone with excellence because he is excellent at protecting his little brother Leo. Lee could have ran away from the orphanage but he decided to stay and look out for his brother. Another example of someone who wants to be perfect is Alby in "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner. Alby is the leader of the group and wants to make everything perfect and organized in the group.

These both compare because they both try to accomplish something and don't want to give up at doing so. They are different because lee wants to do something good for his brother while Alby want to make everything perfect. Nobody is perfect in life they can try their hardest and do it to the best of their abilities, however someone can never be perfect but they can be excellent.

Sources: "Orphan Train Rider" by Andrea Warren and "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner

The Ability To Recover

Many people today face misfortune or hardship in their lifetime. Some people can either recover from this event or simply give up. In order to recover some look to others for help while some don't want any help at all.The problem today with people is some take a very long time to recover from a bad event in their life. They sit back and hope that others will solve there problems.Resilience is a common characteristic of grit. Its definition is the ability to recover.

One citation of someone who has recovered from a misfortune is Samuel from "Woods Runner", by Gary Paulsen. Samuel's parent were taken from him and his entire village was killed and burned. Instead of Samuel running away from this danger he faced it by looking for his parents and successfully found them. He had the ability to recover from the misfortune.

The solution is for others to take action. Another solution is for the person to try to overcome it. Someone can talk to this person and relate a bad event from their lifetime and tell them how they overcome this situation. In life one must try to overcome and not give up.

Sources: "Woods Runner" by Gary Paulsen

Following Your Goals

People in life must set goals. Some set goals because of a bad event others to accomplish something in the future. They also may set a goal from a New Years resolution. Either way following your goals in your life will allow you to accomplish more things in your lifetime. As a result of not following your goals, you can feel that you let yourself or others down.

One piece of evidence is Thomas Edison. He did follow his goals, as a result he created the light bulb. If he were to just give up on the attempt to create the light bulb we probably would be using candles at night for light. Another piece of evidence is Henry Ford. He followed his goals and as a result he created the worlds first car. If he were to just give up then we probably would be riding bikes to school.

The point is that in life follow your goals because who knows what you can achieve, you could be the next Henry Ford or Thomas Edison. Not having goals in life will get you nowhere if one doesn't try.


Steps To Becoming Couragous

It takes a lot of hard work to have courage. Almost everybody that has courage doesn't give up in life, instead they face their fears and overcome them. Someone isn't always born courageous they need to become courageous. These are the step to becoming courageous.

Step one, you have to step outside your comfort zone. You cant have courage if you don't learn to face your fears. For example Homer P. Figg from, "The Mostly True Adventure Of Homer P. Figg", by Rod Philbrick. Homer shows that he is courageous by trying to find his brother by going to the front lines in the battle of Gettysburg.

Step two, you have to have confidence. If you are not confident then you will have no faith or hope in doing things in life. A example of this is Walt Disney because he was confident that he could create cool ideas like theme parks and movies. This shows he is courageous because despite failure he was successful in the end.

By stepping out of your comfort zone and being confident you can have courage, and by having courage you can persevere in life and achieve your goals despite hardships in someones lifetime.

Sources: "The Mostly True Adventures Of Homer P. Figg" by Rod Philbrick and

Conscientiousness: caring people

Conscientiousness is the personality trait of being thorough, careful, and vigilant. There are many people in this world that are conscientious, often they are people who are caring. Some other traits of conscientiousness include, honesty, honor, and mindfulness.

An example of someone who is careful is Alex Rider from "The Alex Rider Series" by Anthony Horowitz because Alex has to be very careful on his secret missions or it will cost him his life.

Another example of someone who is conscientious is Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft. If Mr. Gates makes a mistake in a new version available to the public he could loose money so he has to be careful to revise his work before releasing it to the public.

People need to be conscientious in life because if they aren't it could be very bad but if they are conscientiousthen they can achieve many things.

Sources: "The Alex Rider Series" by Anthony Horowitz

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