The Meanest Doll in the World

By Ann M. Martin Book Report By Ashlyn Martin


My book, The Meanest Doll in the World, is about two dolls named Annabelle and Tiffany. The book mainly takes place in the Palmer's house. They went on an exploration to the attic with Annabelle's Aunt Sarah. On the way back from the attic, they heard a human coming. The closest place Annabelle and Tiffany could hide was Kate's backpack. The next morning Kate took her backpack to school. Annabelle and Tiffany explored the school, and when they came back they got into the wrong backpack. When Annabelle and Tiffany came out, they noticed it was a different house. They met new dolls. Their names were Waterfall, Yvonnie, Beth, Penny, Melody, and the Cutouts. Mean Mimi was evil. She tried to destroy the other dolls. Annabelle and Tiffany were expecting to go home the next day, but it was a weekend. They set traps for Mean Mimi, and it made a mess. The Sandra doll, Techno Man, and Sleeping Billy were on Mimi's side. They ended up going to Annabelle and Tiffany's side. They helped clean up the mess. The weekend was over, and they got back into the backpack. The human took his backpack to school. This time they got into the right backpack. Kate took her backpack home and put it in her room. Annabelle and Tiffany went to the doll house to see their family. After a little while, they heard a sound and shouted, "EVERYONE GET IN YOUR PLACES!!!" It was just Mean Mimi. Annabelle and Tiffany were surprised to see Mean Mimi. Mean Mimi almost made the dolls go into doll state. Doll state is where you can't move for 24 hours. Mean Mimi finally got caught and was put into Permanent Doll State.

Sandra Doll

This doll reminds me of the Sandra doll because it is a baby and it is really big. The Sandra doll helped Annabelle and Tiffany clean up.

Doll house

This is what I think Annabelle's house looks like because the rooms were big enough to fit a lot of dolls in it.

Kate's scarf

In the book, when Annabelle and Tiffany were at school, they used Kate's scarf to climb back up to the shelf where the backpacks were. This is what I thought the scarf looked like.

The Troll Twins

This is what the troll twins probably look like. The troll twins are Waterfall and Melody. They were dolls from the other house that Annabelle and Tiffany went to.