Mrs. Sebastian's Snippets

May 2018

Curriculum Highlights

Math: In Unit 6 our focus is on adding 3-digit numbers that have totals up to 1,000. Building fluency with addition and subtraction is crucial to this work. Please continue to practice math facts daily.

Reading: Last week we wrapped up our unit of non-fiction. Please continue to encourage this reading at home. Our next focus will target traditional literature. We will see how fables, folk tales, and fairy tales are woven into fiction.

Also, I will start DRA Reading Assessments with all students next week.

Writing: I've enjoyed reading our non-fiction animal books. Your children certainly are experts now. Excitement is in the air as we begin our unit on Realistic Fiction. We will begin reading mentor texts and noticing the elements of realistic fiction. As writers we will revisit qualities of good writing to develop believable realistic fiction pieces.

Science: Our next unit is such fun for the kiddos. We will learn the parts of a plant as well as its job. Watch for pictures soon of our brassica seeds. Will will be recording our observations with pictures and complete sentences. I will send home a seeds collection homework assignment soon.

Social Studies: Our visit to the Troy Historic Village fit so nicely with our

unit on History: How We Learn About a Community's Past. We enjoyed learning about the museum through the eyes of a historian. Your kiddos looked for evidence to try to figure out what happened and why. Will will continue to draw from this knowledge as we move forward in this unit.

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

May Dates

2nd: Late Start

9th: Late Start

16th: Late Start

24th: Late Start

23rd: No School/Memorial Day

28th: Memorial Day

30th: Field Day