My Favorite Vacation Place To Go

A Great Place To Go

Boyne is an awesome place it has two skiing places, a resort, a hiking trail and much much more.I like Boyne because all the fun exciting things to do which include the things I was talking about earlier.
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Boyne Ski Mountain and Snowboard Resort

  1. Boyne has a lot of cool things but this place is probably the coolest place to go in Boyne, Boyne Ski and Snowboard Resort. This place has a waterpark many ski and snow board hills.It also has really nice hotel rooms and the biggest indoor michigan waterpark.
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The Hiking Trails

The hiking trails in Boyne are awesome you can venture off so many different places, and when you get to the top you can see a exciting/amazing view. The biking trails are awesome too. You can go down hills up hills and just relax riding your bike.
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Skiing and Snow Boarding at Boyne Mountain

Skiing and Snowboarding is amazing even without being at ski resort, but when you are at any ski resort including Boyne Mountain it is even more awesome. Boyne Mountain is awesome you can go down tons of hills of all types like the hardest hills ever imagined orsmall little baby hills.So if you want to go to a ski resort go to Boyne Mountain.
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The Boyne Mountain Waterpark Avalanche Bay

Avalanche Bay is awesome, you can do so much stuff for example do tons of water slides that are so fun and exciting. You can also go down the lazy river which is the biggest and funest lazy river I have gone to.
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