School of Grammar Gazette

Issue #2: October 12-16

Fire Drill Monday!

As was announced, all drills will be unannounced going forward. This is from a recommendation from the St. Paul Police in an effort to make the practices as authentic as possible. This will also allow us to identify areas for improvement. This is new for everyone! We'll see how it goes!

Drop-in Observations continue this week!

I will be stopping in for 10-15 minutes using the drop-in observation checklist. I'm excited to see what you're doing in your classrooms!

Thursday - Faculty In-Service

The agenda was sent out last week.
Looking forward to a productive day!

Understanding Bullying Powerpoint

Check your email for a powerpoint to review with your classes before October 23.
Let me know if you any questions about the presentation or the content!
Thank you for supporting this effort!

Unity Day!

Verbiage for Class Newsletters:

As part of National Bullying Prevention Month, Nova will be participating in the nationwide Unity Day on October 21. Students will be signing a Unity Day banner, showing their commitment to unite the school in kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. On this day, students are invited to wear orange shirts/tops with uniform bottoms to show their support. Students who are not participating by wearing orange must be in their regular uniforms. We are looking forward to a great day!

*You can print anti-bullying posters for your classroom! The posters are located on the server: X:/A SCHOOL OF GRAMMAR/Anti-Bullying Posters. They are set up as 11x17.


Friday, October 30: 8am-noon
Thursday, November 5: 4:10-7:40
Tuesday, November 10: 4:10-7:40
(Dinner served 5:30-6:00)

*Standard conference time slots are 20 minutes. If you'd like to adjust that, please contact Melissa.


*Continue working on your conduct reports! Versions of the reports can be found on the server:

X:\A SCHOOL OF GRAMMAR\Conduct Reports

Please make a homeroom-specific folder that contains all of your reports on one document, in alphabetical order. These can be saved in the same folder as the original.

Please save them as “Last Name 15-16”. I made a sample of this on the server as well.

*If a student is getting a C- or below in any of your classes, please send a progress report so there are no surprises at conferences!

*Keep journaling about the different ways virtue is embedded and explored in the curriculum. Let Brooke know if you need another copy of the journal sheet.

*There is still lots of money for the teacher grants through NPTO. It is money that they want teachers to use! Don't forget to fill out the form and turn it in!

Upcoming Events!

October 15: Faculty In-Service
October 16: No School!
October 20: Picture Retake Day
October 21: Unity Day
October 23: Virtue Assembly @ 9:45 (Prudence)
October 23: Haunting Tales @ 6:30
October 30: K-12 Conferences @ 8-noon

Book Week!

SAVE THE DATE! Book week will be December 7-11 this year.
Stay tuned for more details!


HIGH FIVE to Becky and Traci for helping out with a late bus last week! They stepped in at a moment's notice and I really appreciated it! -Brooke

If you have someone you want mentioned here, please contact Brooke!

(This will replace the "reply all" email messages that have been popular lately!)


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