Current, Voltage, Resistance, and Power

What is a current?

A current is the continuous flow of electrons.

What are examples of currents?

When you're charging a phone or computer, the current is sending electricity and charging it.
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What is a Voltage?

Voltage is the potential difference in the electrical charge between two different areas is in a circuit.

What are example of voltage?

If you have no voltage, you have no energy.
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What is Resistance?

Resistance is the difficulty that an electric current faces to pass through an object.

What are example of resistance?

If you have a very high resistance you will be towards the insulators and if you have a very low resistance then you will be towards the conductors
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What is Power?

Power is the rate of doing work.

What are examples of power?

Power is how much of something is done in time.
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Compare and Contrast between the four:

A current and the voltage help each other low so the power is higher, and the higher resistance you have, the things will get done faster.