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May 7, 2021


Congratulations Mr. Brooks!

AMS South Teacher of the Year

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Congratulations Mrs. Wagner!

AMS South Support Staff of the Year

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Click below to take you the ACSC 2020-2021 School Calendar

Please note there has been an update to the 2020-2021 school calendar. Click the link below to take you to the updated calendar.

2020-2021 School Calendar

REVISED 12/14/2020

Upcoming Important Dates

May 10 - May 14 - Make Up I Learn Testing

Tue., May 11 - CAT & PT Biology Testing

Wednesday, May 12 - 1 Hour Delay K-12 Staff Development

NWEA Testing -

Mon. 5/17 & Tue. 5/18 - NWEA Testing ELA

Wed. 5/19 - NWEA Testing ELA & Math

Thur. 5/20 & Fri. 5/21 - NWEA Testing Math

Upcoming Athletic Events & Information

Boy's Golf

5/8 AWAY vs. Conference Tournament 10:00AM
at Pebblebrook in Westfield

5/12 AWAY vs. Hendricks County Tournament 4:30PM

at Deer Creek Golf Club

All HOME matches are played at

Oak Tree Golf Course in Plainfield

Good luck!

Girl's Tennis

5/10 AWAY vs. County 5:00PM

at AMS North

5/11 AWAY vs. County 5:00PM

at AMS North

5/15 AWAY vs. Conference Match 5:30PM

at AMS North

Good luck!

Track & Field

5/14 AWAY vs. Conference Meet 5:30PM

at Zionsville High School

Good luck!

AMS South Spring Sports Calendar

Click here to view the entire Spring Sports Calendar

AMS South Athletics webpage

For more information about Athletics please click above.

Celebrating Birthday's this week!

Happy Birthday

to our students celebrating a birthday this week:

Jewel Martin

Aaron Poole

Kristina Elisea

Kaleb Rasheed

Kevin Garcia

Bryce Walker

Nathaniel Alcalde

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ILEARN Testing Schedule for April & May

Enrollment Dates for 2021-2022 School Year

Important Enrollment Dates

June 7 - Central Office Opens for Registration

July 6 - Returning Student Registration Long Form

(Parents can update certain information on this form)

July 12- School Buildings Open for Registration

Online orders for yearbooks are due by May 14th. We will have some yearbooks available to purchase at South if you can't order online. Those will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Yearbooks are still available! Buy yours today for $26.00. Just follow this link and it will bring you to our school's page: https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/customer/1073425/Avon-Middle-School-South/

If you have questions, or aren't sure if you have purchased one already, please contact Ms. Jalk via email lljalk@avon-schools.org

AMS South Jostens Webpage

Click above to take you to Jostens webpage for AMS South

A Note from our School Nurse

Avon Middle School South has unused, discontinued, or expired medication(s) that you provided for your child. Your child’s medication is listed below. Controlled substances will be released to a parent/guardian, or an individual who is at least 18 years of age and designated in writing by the student’s parent/guardian to receive the medication. All other medications may be sent home with your student if you have given written consent on the ACSC Prescription Medication and Hold Harmless Form, including emergency medications that will be sent home on the last day of school. All medication that is not sent home with your student must be picked up at the school clinic no later than the end of the school day on May 27th, 2021. The School Corporation will properly dispose of any unclaimed medications.

Kimber Walters, BSN, RN

AMS South Nurse

(317) 544-5700 ext. 5725

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National Junior Honor Society will offer after school study help sessions on Monday’s and Wednesday's after school from 2:45 - 3:30PM. Students will then go to the cafeteria and wait for the late bus. During this time, there will be a supervisor in the cafeteria with the students while they wait for the late bus to arrive. Students that will be a car rider home on these days can be picked up at door 1 at 3:30PM.

If your student will be staying for the study session and they need bus transportation home they must sign up for the late bus in the Guidance Office at lunch that day. For those students taking the late bus home, the bus will leave AMS South at 4:30pm.


Each week your child's team will give an update about the current week or week ahead. Please find your child's team below for that information. In addition, you will find news from our Encore teachers, Media Center, and PE/Wellness teachers.

Grizzlies News

Ms. Weinstein, Ms. Tomlinson, Mr. Livingston & Mr. Fields

Language Arts will be reviewing and then taking an assessment over the Edgar Allen Poe short poems, nevermore. Social Studies students will continue to look deeper into the South Asian continent, learning about Gandhi, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Dalai Lama. Next week Math will have a test over area, surface area, volume, triangle theorems, and angle measurements. Pre-Algebra will be using the Pythagorean Theorem and calculating square roots. In Science, we will present our PSA project! In HA science, we will do some chemical reaction labs.

Jaguars News

Mrs. Ringham, Miss Hickey, Mrs. Fee & Mr. Wolf

Science students will present their cancer awareness projects and begin a levels of organization unit. In Social Studies, students will begin studying the geography of South Asia. Students in Math will have a test over Unit 5 and take NWEA. Pre-Algebra students will study the Pythagorean Theorem. In Language Arts, students will wrap up their study of setting, mood, poetic devices, and figurative language and take their Poetry and Poe Unit test.

Jaguars who stand out are:

Omar Tobey, Kendra Griffin, Natasha Gonde, Maliah Thomas, and Jalen Searcy.

Knights News

Mr. East, Mr. Jackson, Miss Skoniecke & Mrs. Wheeler

In Social Studies, students will begin to learn more about Asia. Students will begin by working to learn the physical and political geography of East and South Asia. Language Arts students will take the Unit D Poetry and Poe Reading Assessment on Wednesday and Thursday. Students will read a couple of passages that we have studied throughout this unit and apply reading comprehension skills. In Science, students will be presenting their public service announcements about cancer to other classes. Then they will learn about the organization of body systems. 4th period will be learning about covalent and ionic bonding. Next week Math will have a test over area, surface area, volume, triangle theorems, and angle measurements. Pre-Algebra will be using the Pythagorean Theorem and calculating square roots.

Foresters News

Mrs. DeBow, Ms. Tobin, Mr. Rodgers & Mr. Thoennes

Science students are learning about humans’ impact on the global climate. Pre-Algebra students will expand their knowledge of growth by investigating linear, exponential, and quadratic functions. Algebra students will round out the year by summarizing the many methods for solving equations that have been learned this year. Social studies students will finish up the Civil War and have a test at the end of the week. Language Arts students will continue to study the Holocaust, focusing on the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Greyhounds News

Mr. Gullion, Mr. Casey, Mr. Osen & Mrs. Warthan

Math students will expand their knowledge of growth by investigating linear and non-linear functions. Algebra students will round out the year by summarizing the many methods for solving equations that have been learned this year. Social Studies will continue to look at the Civil War. Science will investigate how our actions impact our ecological footprint. Biology students will wrap up our evolution unit and will take ILEARN on Tuesday. In Language Arts, we will be continuing our study of The Holocaust: Memory and Meaning.

Panthers News

Mr. Brooks, Mrs. Hood, Mr. Jaynes & Mr. Williams

In Algebra, we are moving on to Complex Equations. Pre-Algebra is examining Functions and Exponential Graphing. It should be interesting. Social Studies will continue to look at the Civil War focusing in on the final stages and then will be covering the period of time after the Civil War known as Reconstruction. In Language Arts, we will be continuing our study of the Holocaust by reading about the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany and the American athlete Jesse Owens. Students will also be conducting some independent research on an assigned Holocaust topic. Biology students will wrap up our evolution unit with an activity on survival of the fittest. Science will investigate how our actions impact our ecological footprint.

Encore News

Señora Barker (Spanish), Mrs. Hauptmann (Japanese), Mrs. Rewolinski (Computer Science), Mrs. Leonard (Art), Mrs. Gleissner (FACS), Mr. Hamsley (Engineering and Technology),

and Mrs. Kimmell & Mrs. Woods (ELL)


Students will continue to study question words and then begin reviewing items from this semester in order to prepare for our final exam. More info to come on the final exam.


Students will continue studying kanji and katakana characters. We will discuss past experiences and where things can be purchased.

Computer Science

In computer science, web development kids will be working on their web pages and start learning Javascript; game development kids will be finishing up animation and begin working on sprite interactions.


Next week students will choose their own subject matter to draw realistically, create an abstract version of it in a collage, and use elements of design from the original subject matter to create a non-objective painting. All three compositions will be mounted together in a triptych format.


7th grade

7th graders will learn about and practice table manners and etiquette. They will prepare pinwheels in lab.

8th grade

8th graders will study the nutrient categories and prepare breakfast quesadillas in lab.

7th grade Engineering and Design

7th grade will be starting their battle bot's robotics competition.

8th grade Gateway to Technology

8th Grade students will be starting their self-selection woodworking project.

PE/Wellness News

Mrs. Porep, Mrs. Lucas & Mr. Walden

Wellness students focused on fitness this week to prepare for fitness testing in a few weeks. Please make sure your student has tennis shoes daily and a sweatshirt or jacket so we can go outside, weather permitting.

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Students in PE playing Kickball! - above

Students in PE line dancing! - below

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Music Department News

Mrs. Wagoner (Band), Mr. Zimmerman (Choir) & Mr. Ziolkowski (Orchestra)


Eighth grade Woodwind and Brass students need to have their high school band audition music submitted no later than Monday, May 10th through Schoology to Mr. Harloff or Mr. Hartman.

Drum Line students have rehearsal/auditions on May 11th at the high school from 6-8 PM.

Seventh grade finals are due Monday, May 17th. Please turn in through SmartMusic or EEI. We will quiz the Eb scale in class next week on Tuesday, May 11th.

Jazz band will rehearse on Monday and Wednesday next week until 3:45 PM.

AMS South Music Department Presents

Orchestra Concert - May 17, 2021

7th grade arrival time is 5:30PM, performance starts at 6:00PM

8th grade arrival time is 7:00PM, performance starts at 7:30PM

Choir Concert - May 20, 2021

7th grade arrival time is 5:30PM, performance starts at 6:00PM

8th grade arrival time is 7:00PM, performance starts at 7:30PM

Band Concert - May 25, 2021

7th grade arrival time is 5:30PM, performance starts at 6:00PM

8th grade arrival time is 7:00PM, performance starts at 7:30PM

Each participating student will be given TWO tickets to give to parents/guest for the Orchestra Concert on 5/17, Choir Concert on 5/20, and Band Concert on 5/25

Lost tickets can NOT be replaced.

More details will be given by each teacher to students and parents.

May 18, 2021

An evening of music with the Avon South Jazz Band, Show Choir and

combined Chamber Orchestra.

Students should arrive at 6:00PM

The Show Choir, Chamber Orchestra and Jazz band concert will start at 6:30PM

This will be an outdoor concert using the back patio at Avon South. Audience members are encouraged to come with chairs and blankets to enjoy this wonderful evening! Start time is 6:30pm with each ensemble doing about a 15 minute performance. Directors will let students know more details within the next week.

The event is free and audience members are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner or grab something to eat from one of our locally owned restaurants!

Students need to wear all black. Band shirt, black bottoms(pants, shorts or skirt) and all black shoes.

Media Moments

Mrs. Winningham

As we move into the month of May, Mrs. Winningham would like you ask all 8th grade students if they have any library books that are at home or overdue. She will be sending out overdue notices to any student that has a physical book checked out. Please follow up with your student if you receive a notice. We like to make sure that your students records are correct before they move to the High school. All materials are due back to the library by May 14th.

This week’s Tasteful Tuesdays' First Chapter is The year of goodbyes! by Debbie Levy.

Debbie Levy reveals the story of her mother's life in 1938, the family's last year in Germany before they escaped Nazi persecution, based on the poems, inscriptions, and drawings collected in twelve-year-old Jutta's autograph book, and describes Jutta's life in New York City.

Genre: Novel in Verse, Historical Fiction, World War II

Tasteful Tuesday's with Mrs. Winningham

Click here to take you to the Tasteful Tuesday's webpage

Virtual Learners don’t forget you may request a book from the school library and pick it up on Wednesday’s at Curbside pickup from 9:00-2:00 and 3:30-6:00PM at Door 1.
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E-Learners Library Book Curbside Pick-up Form

Click here to take you to the online form for curbside pick-up


Need help with Math and Science homework?

Call the Homework Hotline


Click below to visit their website



AMS South's Attendance Policy


If a student is absent from school, the PARENT must call the school by 8:30 A.M. to report the absence. If no call is received, the automated school system will make an effort to contact the parent, but if NO PARENT CALL has been received by 3:00 P.M. the day following the absence, the student will be charged with an unexcused absence. You may also send an email to us to notify us of your child's absence at msattendance@avon-schools.org.


If your child needs to leave school early during the school day please send a note in with your child to bring to the office first thing in the morning or email us at

msattendance@avon-schools.org with all the necessary information: students name, date and time picking up, and the name of the person picking your child up if someone other than a parent or guardian will be picking up. This email will go directly to the front office secretaries and they will be able to get your child an early dismissal pass so that they can be in the front office when you are ready to pick them up. If leaving early for a doctor/dentist appointment, please provide doctor/dentist verification to ensure that the absence is excused.

If someone other than a parent or guardian will be picking up your child we MUST have this information in writing from a parent/guardian, please include his or her name on the note or email. Once we verify their photo ID then the student can sign out and leave. If you are unable to email us we will need you to come into the office with your valid ID, once we verify it is a parent/guardian picking up we will be able to call the student down for dismissal.

Using this email will ensure your child will get a pass out of class to be in the office. Please do not use Parent Square to send a message to your child's teachers as we cannot guarantee that this message will get to the front office to get your child a pass. Our teachers are very busy throughout the day and may not be able to check Parent Square often, or if the teacher is out that day we would not get that message in the front office in time to get your child an early dismissal pass.

We want to make sure that your information is getting to the right person in a timely manner, and hopefully prevent any miscommunication or missed messages.

Please be advised that we cannot take early dismissal information over the telephone.

Virtual Doctor Appointment Verifications

If your child will be absent from school due to a virtual doctor appointment, whether leaving early or coming to school late, to ensure that the absence is excused we will need you to provide written documentation of the appointment from the doctor. Please be sure to ask your doctor to email you a note to provide to school for the appointment. You can either print the email out and send to school with your child to bring to the office, or you can email it to our attendance line at



Mary Lee Maier Community Pantry Information

The Mary Lee Maier Community Pantry is available to Avon school families and employees.

Every Thursday from 5:00 - 6:00PM (when school is in session)

at Avon Intermediate School East

Please do not arrive before 4:30PM due to AIS bus/school traffic

Enrollment is simple. Please complete your 2020-2021 enrollment before you shop. Below you will find more information for enrollment, please click the link below.

Mary Lee Maier Food Pantry at AIS East

Thursday, May 13th, 5-7pm

174 Avon Avenue

Avon, IN

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Community Flyers

Please click on Community Flyers below to take you to the ACSC web page of all the Educational Flyers and Community Events Flyers happening in our community.
Community Flyers

Educational Flyers & Community Events

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