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Special Edition: Black History Month Talent Show

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A Celebration of Black History Month

Thank you to all of our students, staff, families, and visitors for attending our first Black History Month Talent Show on Friday, February 28th, 2020! This was an incredible event that showcased the figures, events, and stories from the past in honor of Black History Month and also celebrated our incredibly talented students. Our students are the future generation that will lead marches, fight for equality, run for office, stand up for others, create beautiful music, write literature and non-fiction, discover cures to diseases, and change the world for the better. The only reason our students will be able to have the opportunity to be their best is because of the generations that came before them - including their parents and teachers who support them every day. This school performance was intended to celebrate all that Black History Month represents, all that older and past generations have sacrificed for our students, and all that our students have inside of them. Thank you for joining us for this beautiful performance!

Ms. Williams' Class

Ms. Ivory's Class

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Ms. Jackson's Class

Ms. Watson's Class

Ms. Shea and Ms. Versen's Class

Ms. Tina's Dance Team

The After-Party

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