Internet Traffic Formula

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What you can find inside Internet Traffic Formula?

1. Capture Mastery - The first part is all about landing pages and how to create them. As you understand before you start driving traffic you need a page where to send it. And here is the first golden nugget for you – Always, always, always send traffic to your landing page so you can capture the leads and build your list. You need to have the right structure in place.

So like I told you the Capture Mastery is all about how to build well converting landing pages, how to avoid big mistakes. You have to understand that this is the front gate of your business and you need to learn how to get more people in to your sales funnels.

2. Traffic Mastery - This is where the magic happens. Th best way to describe web traffic is “the life blood in your business”. Of course as you already understand traffic alone is pretty much useless. However at the same time it’s everything! This part includes 12 modules about different traffic driving strategies. You can read about it below.

3. Conversion Mastery - This is the part where you can learn all about traffic and how to put together a profitable offer. Conversion skills start with your landing page creation and ends how you can finally convert these leads in to sales (which is the main goal).

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1. Media Traffic X - this is actually one of the most exciting modules in Internet Traffic Formula. This is a strategy that most “gurus” are using. Basically it’s all about traffic you can use almost on autopilot. Travel the world, spend time with your family or what ever it is you want to do. Very ninja stuff.

2. The OPL Method - This is one strategy I’m using in my business already quite some time. With strategy you can use other people to send traffic to your offer, People who are doing the hard work for you. Super simple, newbie proof and very fast results.

3. Traffic Agencies - Again very powerful strategy you can use to take your business to the next level very fast. In this module you can basically learn how to use different big (I mean BIG) agencies to drive traffic to your website. If you want to get 2000 click to your website today you can do that. Or if you want to get 70 000 visitors per day… yes you can do that.

I hope you understand that traffic is actually very very very easy if you know how to get it, right? This is what Internet Traffic Formula is all about.

4. Penny Traffic - This is probably one strategy that everyone can use. And yes, you really can get very targeted traffic as cheap as pennies. This strategy is actually very old already. However in this module you can learn some ninja strategies how to use it in 2014. Most people are doing it the wrong way.

5. PPC Traffic - This is probably the most well known advertising method online. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. However there are PPC networks that most people don’t know about and how to use PPC the right way to maximize you ROI!

6. Mobile Traffic - Yes it’s year 2014 and you need to know how to market on mobile devices. Otherwise you’re mission out. The % is huge how many people are using mobile devices every single day. The cool thing is that now you have the opportunity to market your business on these devices and profit big!

7. Facebook Traffic X - OK it’s not a secret that Facebook is big in marketing for quit some time already. However most people are struggling with Facebook ads. In the mater a fact in this module you can learn how some marketers are using Facebook to make overt $20K per day! I know this is crazy…

8. Social Media Traffic - If you don’t have big money to build your online business then this module is exactly for you. In this module you can learn how to use social media platforms to build your business basically from zero.

9. Video Traffic - Here is simple FACT. YouTube is the 2. most popular search engine in the world and this is only one video platform out there. In this module you can learn how to create your videos to get people’s attention, how to act on videos etc. Let’s be honest… almost every big name is Internet marketing industry are doing videos!

10. CPA Traffic - Most people know how to use CPA network to make money. However in this module you can learn how to use CPA networks to market your business. With this strategy you don’t have worry about so much pay per click. You can use it to pay per subscriber! You see the power?

11. Traffic Amplifier - In this module you can learn how to turn one visitor in to 10. And you can do that with not much extra work or cost. If this is not ninja then what is?

12. Traffic Intelligence - This module uncovers new traffic sources for you. That way you know the latest stuff all the time and you don’t have to depend on anyone’s traffic.

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