Iroquois Tribe

By: Tyler Butina

Where they lived and what house they lived in

The Iroquois lived in a house called a Long house. They are wooden frames with a sheet of elm bark. They have a door on the ends and no windows.


They used bow and arrows to hunt. Most bows were made of wood. Also they put feathers at the ends of the arrows. They used spears hunt too. The spears were big hallow sticks with a point at the end.

Hunt, harvest, and fish

They harvested sqaush, corn, and beans. Also they hunted black bears, elk, deer, rabbit, and wolves. They fish yellow belly, walleye, shovel noses sturgeon, and brook trout.


One tradition is lacrosse. Lacrosse is a game where you toss a ball back and fourth with a stick and try to get it in a net.
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Fun Facts

1. Iroquois in France means real snakes.

2. Iroquois lived in the northern woodlands.

3. New York state is the Iroquois mainland.