The Lifestyle Of Sharks

By: Tori Fuler


I turn on my TV to watch the beginning of shark week. Sharks are an important aspect of life. Sharks are very smart and skilled animals.


Most of sharks diet's don't contain humans. Sharks normally eat fish ,squid ,sea lions ,small whales ,and other sharks. For sharks they only need to eat 3-4 times a day. A shark that weighs 1 ton ,can eat 66 pounds of food and that will last them 4-6 weeks. Even the Great White shark ,which weighs 5,000 pounds, can survive on about 70 ponds of food in 4 weeks.

How sharks hunt

Sharks use a system called electro sense , this means they emit a weak electric field to sense nearby food. A sharks smell is also a very important for hunting, they can food from hundreds of meters away. Since sharks have such sharp teeth they can kill its prey sometimes in just one bite. Female and male sharks both have about equal hunting skills. Sharks are the best hunters of the sea.


Coastal pelagic sharks migrate South up to 1000 miles. Highly pelagic sharks migrate to different oceans. It doesn't matter if a female shark is coastal pelagic or highly pelagic they won't migrate if they are pregnant. Tiger sharks complete epic migrations similar to birds. Some small sharks migrate at all because since they eat common food, it's always around.

Types of Sharks

There are millions types of sharks in the world. The deadliest sharks are bull sharks, White sharks, and Tiger sharks. They are aggressive to humans and other sharks. The rarest sharks are the Greenland sharks, there is only a few left in the world. Te most prevelent sharks is the dogfish shark, they are as common as a Coi fish. An extinct shark is the Megalodon shark,it was bigger than a Whale shark."The Megalodon could rip apart giant whale, it was the king of the sea!"- The Weekend

Shark care

Sharks don't take as well of care of their young like humans do. The only thing they do for their babies is giving birth in a safe place. After birth, sharks leave their babies to fend for themselves. Male sharks don't do any stay and help female sharks, they let the females do all the work. Baby sharks learn very soon how to go food or they will die.

Shark Extinction

All types of sharks are becoming more and more extinct. The number one reason for shark extinction is fisherman hunting them for their fins. Over 73 million sharks are killed every year. Shark hunting is illegal in some countries but all of them, the United States is one of the countries who allow shark hunting. Individual states are trying to pass laws to eliminate shark hunting, but sadly it has still not been passed.


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