Greek goddess of love

About Me

I have strawberry blonde hair and fair, flawless skin. I am around my 20's, I'm tall and have a nice figure. I have feminine beauty and I often wear fine clothing and gold jewelry.I'm very attractive but I am weak and a very frightful goddess. She also brings joy and happiness to the world, so she must have been very joyful. However, she is viewed differently by people. Some believe that she is this lovely, charming, attractive goddess.I contributed love and helped make everyone in Greece fall in love.And my symbol is the girdle which I only use to compel love,also the seashell,the mirror,and the dove.And my parents are Zeus and Dionne and my siblings are Ares,Athena,Apollo,Artemis,Dionysus,Hebe,Hermes,Heracles,Helen of Troy,Hephaestus,Perseus,Minos,the Muses,the Graces,the Tree Nymphs,the Furies and the Giantesses.My half sister married the king of Sparta,but I have no interest in being married.Everyone thought that my sister Helen was attractive but everyone also knew I was the most beautiful.I was surprised went Paris the prince of Troy said that my half sister Helen was the fairest in the land and I was very upset.