Social Media

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It can be done!

Social media can be successfully used in a classroom setting, as with any technology, it takes a unique set of guidelines:

1. Establish Boundaries

Determine which social media tools are best for an educational setting and which are better suited for personal use. Once these boundaries have been determined, less conflicts should arise.

2. Align with Objectives

It is easy to use new technology for the newness of it, but make sure there is value being added to the objective before choosing to use social media.


Understand the privacy settings of the tools being used.

4. Utilitze Technology specialists

A technology specialist can vastly improve an institution's successful use of social media in education.

5. Prepare to Monitor

Monitoring when and how the learners are using these tools can promote digital health and wellness.
Incorporating social media in the classroom: William J Ward at TEDxKalamazoo
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