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Newsletter 22 September 2022

Message from the Principal

This week is the second to last week of Term 3. It is very important that staff and students get time during these holidays to have a rest. It is also a time for Year 9 to 13 to be thinking about their goals for Term 4. Year 9 and 10 will have end of year examinations in the hall during week 4 and 5 of Term 4. These will help determine awards for Junior Prize Giving. Senior students will have their prize giving in week 3 and then most will begin their study leave in preparation for external examinations starting on the 7th November.

Wairoa College staff and students would also like to wish our Year 7 and 8 rugby players who are competing in the Wakely Shield or Ross Shield tournaments during these holidays all the best. I know you have worked very hard with many training sessions per week.

Subject selections have been taking place for current Year 11 and 12 students. Next term we'll have subject selection interviews for current Year 9 and 10 students. It is important that students have a conversation at home to discuss their options. It is even more important that students keep their options open so they do not close off potential pathways. Some students will need to be interviewed a few times in this process before their subjects are confirmed for 2023.

Lastly I would like to wish our Year 12 and 13 students all the best for their School Ball this Friday. It is always so nice to see them dressed up. I would like to acknowledge the staff, students and whanau that have supported the preparation for this event. Without you our students would miss out.

Scholarship applications are due the 30th September for current Year 6 and Year 7 students. If you need assistance for Scholarships or enrollments for 2023 please see Danielle or Shelley in the school office.

Ngā mihi nui

Mrs Jo-Anne Vennell

Year 7 & 8 Scholarships 2023

This year Wairoa College is offering four scholarships for Year 7 students and four scholarships for Year 8 students in 2023. These scholarships are worth $500 each and will be allocated to your child's account to cover school expenses.

There will be one scholarship for each of the 4 categories below

  • Academic

  • Sporting

  • Cultural

  • All Round

Online Enrolment and Applications for scholarships are open now. Please see link tabs below.

Scholarship applications close on Wednesday 30 November 2022.


CACTUS longest day is this Saturday 24th of September starting at 6:00am. Students will complete a range of challenges involving carrying logs, worms, tyres and jerry cans over an outdoor course. They then pull a UNIMOG up Pilot Hill before heading into town around 11am and completing a challenge at the Lighthouse. The final challenge will involve pulling a vehicle down Marine Parade. Whanau are encouraged to come along and support.

Year 7 and 8 K - Mrs Pollock

This term, 7 and 8 K have been studying Myths and Legends. We have started by learning about Greek Mythology, where stories come from and how some words and sayings we use today come from ancient Greece. We have connected our study about Myth and Legends to our narrative writing. We have studied how to structure a narrative and recognise this structure in stories we have read. We have learnt a lot of new vocabulary around writing such as exposition, rising action, conflict, climax and falling action.

Our next steps are learning about Myths and Legends from Aotearoa before moving onto local stories. In preparation for this we have had the opportunity to attend a workshop organised by Tairawhiti Museum around voyagers and how our ancestors followed the stars to navigate to Aotearoa. We got our hands on some of the tools they would have used on their journeys.

We have learnt about statistics and algebra in mathematics this term. We studied different types of graphs and how to select the most appropriate graph for the data we gathered depending on the data being continuous data or discrete data. Our focus then moved on to solving problems involving probability. For algebra we have studied algebraic expressions and equations. We learnt how to solve problems when there are unknown factors.

We have also enjoyed barefoot sevens, winter sports and the transition day where we had the opportunity to try out being in the services. We really enjoyed spending time with students in Year 6 and showing them the fantastic things we have at our school.

7 tau 8 I roto ia Emarina - Whaea Ngapera

Kia ora tātau katoa.

Ka tuku mihi ahau ki ngā tauira tau 7 tau 8 I roto ia Emarina. He maha ngā mahi kua mahia. He maha

ngā mahi e toe ana. Kua piki ake ngā taumata ki roto I ngā mahi katoa e pā ana ki ngā mahi o Te

Marautanga o Aotearoa.

I tēnei wāhanga o te tau, ko ngā kaupapa matua e ako ana mātau ko te ako ki ngā Purākau,

Pakiwaitara hoki o te Ao whānui, o Aotearoa, o Te Wairoa. Ko ēnei Purakau/Pakiwaitara ko Matariki,

Te Ika a Māui, me Te Pakiwaitara o Ngā Tohora Tokowhitu. Kātahi anō kua tīmata ngā tamariki ki te

whakaputa I ētahi tuhinga e pā ana ki ēnei kaupapa. Ki raro ko tētahi tuhinga paki whakamārama tā

Harmonize e pā ana ki tōna ake whakaaro mo te Hanga o Matariki.


Ko Hine te mataamua, ko Ataahua te tuarua, ko Aalyah te tuatoru, ko

Manaia te tuawha, ko Maia te tuarima, ko Nivay te tuaono, ko Purerehua te

tuawhetu, ko Stacey te pōtiki.

I ngā pō, I mōhio te katoa o te rohe, ‘kaua e hīkoi I roto I te ngahere tapu’! Ko

te take ka ngaro ngā tangata, engari, ko tēnei te huarahi anake ki te kainga,

I ngā pō, I ngā rā.

I tētahi pō tino pouri, tino makariri, I te hīkoi ngā tuahine toko waru ki te

kainga. Ko to rātau kainga ki tērā atu taha o te ngahere tapu. Ka timata ngā

kōtiro ki te hīkoi ki roto te ngahere tapu, I kitea rātou tētahi koroua tino

kōruhe e noho ana I roto I te ngahere. He tino anuanu tōna āhua, he nui ōna

whatu, he parauri pouri te tae. He tino roa ia, he pāhau koromikomiko, he

mā te tae, tihaehae katoa ona kākahu.

I te wā e hīkoi ana ngā kōtiro, I te whai haere te koroua ia rātau. I te hunga

ia ki muri ngā rākau. Ia rātau e hīkoi ana, I taka a Stacey, Nivay me

Purerehua ki roto I ngā kōwhaowhao tino roa I te whēnua, Ka hāmama ngā

kōtiro “āwhina, āwhina!”, I te tino mataku rātou, kātahi ka kata te koroua,

ka tīmata ia ki te whakakii te kōwhaowhao me ngā kōtiro ki roto.

Na, ka ōma tere atu ngā kōtiro tokorima, tata ana rātau ki te kainga, engari,

ka tū a Ayla, Maia, Manaia me Ataahua ki roto I ngā tarapu o te koroua,

karekau rātau I noho ora, I tere mate rātau. Ko Hine anake te kōtiro kei te

ora tonu. I tae pai ia ki te kainga.

I ā ia I te kainga, ka kōrero a Hine ki tōna whānau mo te matenga o ōna

tuahine. Ka karakia te whānau katoa ki a Ihowa mo te matenga o ngā

tuahine toko whitu, ki te whakahokia o rātau tupāpāku ki te kainga, anō, ki

te whakakorehia ngā mahi kino tā te koroua ki roto I te ngahere tapu.

Ka rongo a Ihowa ki ngā īnoi tā te whānau, ka hikina a Ihowa I ngā tinana o

ngā tuahine, ka whakahokia e ia ki te whānau, o rātau wairua ka rere ki te

rangi hei whetu piatata ki runga o te ngahere tapu. Mēnā ka puta mai te

koroua I tona whare I ngā pō, ka tahu ia mai ngā whetu.

ko tēnei tōku pūrakau e pā ana ki te hanga o Matariki.

Harmonize Eru

Ahakoa pakupaku noa iho ngā tauira I roto I to mātau rūma, kaha kē ngā mahi e mahi ana. No reira

anō, nei rā te mihi ki a koutou (mai te mataamua o te akomanga) Haami Tutu, Stacey Stewart,

Dakota Waihape, Kingston Edwards, Isiah Amato, Elana Tahuri me te pōtiki o to mātau akomanga,

Harmonize Eru!

“Ko koutou ngā Rangatira mo āpōpō”


Nāku noa, Whaea Ngapera.

7O - Ms Cotter

In Term 3, students in 7 0 have read a variety of international, national and local narratives with a focus being on various character traits and plot development. Students are currently creating a piece of artwork based on a Tuwharetoa legend. They have also studied the Hatchet novel which is about a 13year old boy surviving in the Canadian wilderness. In Mathematics we are currently working on activities within the Algebra strand. For 2 terms, the students have been working in B2, so we are looking forward to moving back to the N Block area next week.

8R - Ms Loffler

Term 3 has been a busy term! As well as the students practicing for Kapa Haka we have been busy in the classroom with lots of learning going on. Our Math focus has been Statistics at the beginning of the term followed by Algebra. Our Reading unit this term is based around the novel, Refugee by Alan Gratz. This involves reading to, listening with, and shared based activities. The novel has been an interesting topic and students have been able to use their prior knowledge skills from our previous unit of migrants and movement - within Aotearoa and abroad. Understanding how stories have been told through a narrative and the plot structure of stories. The novel is based around three different stories with a similar journey. So comparisons are made throughout and students' understanding of the story is developed through many comprehension skills. All this learning links towards our Integrated studies unit of understanding how stories are passed on throughout the generations, and our writing assessment is based on Narrative writing.

Students from N7 have also been involved with many different school based activities such as, Netball, Rugby Sevens, Basketball, AUT, and Cross Country.

Te Tairawhiti Museum Trip

Ko Whakapunake te maunga

Ko Te Wairoa Hopuupuu Honengenge Maatangirau te awa

Ko Ngati Kahungunu ki Te Wairoa te iwi

Tihei mauriora.

On Thursday the 1st of September, 2 classes, N1 & Emarina went on a school excursion to Te Tairawhiti Museum, 'Our stories'. This Term our learning has been about narratives and with stories that connect Matariki Internationally, Nationally and Locally. We visited the Stardome and Kaiako from the Museum, Koka Te Manuhuia, Aunty Ora and co. They shared their knowledge of taonga tuku iho (olden day tools) and how they relate to Matariki and the Matariki day celebrations. All the kids were able to feel these taonga, hear them and use them.

We then entered the Stardome and the story of Te Waka o Rangi was shared with us. Aunty Ora showed the kids how to find Matariki and named all the other stars that create Te Waka o Rangi. This waka is the waka that travels the sky every night collecting all of the spirits in its kete 'Te Kupenga o Taramainuku'. The kids learnt of the captain Taramainuku and his dog. It was a splendid few hours before we hit the Olympic Pools to cool off, lunch and headed back to Wairoa.

We look forward to many more of these excursions.

Koka Rox & Whaea Ngapera.

Student Letter from Te Tairawhiti Museum Trip by Jahcintah Aranui

A wish upon Hiwa-I-te-Rangi

Late one-night Waiti and Waita were nice and peaceful until Waiti became angered over having very little space. He started to push Waita around. Waita had everything to herself, but she was never mean or selfish. Waita was the favourite sibling. Early one morning they were fighting again, no one ever knew why they fought all the time. He took this fight a bit too far. Waiti pushed Waita off her spot and made her fall on the moon. Matariki tried to catch Waita but it was too late she was nearly to the moon. She fell to her destiny. Waiti regrets pushing Waita out of her spot. Matariki and Waiti were trying their best to get Waita up into her spot they tried and tried a lot of times, but they couldn’t get her, she was too far down. Waita was stuck down there for a long time she cried most nights, but the crying eventually stopped. Waita had met someone on the moon, they became best friends, and his name was Jacob. One-night Waita decided to make a wish she wished to go back up in her spot by her family, so she made her wish to Hiwa-I-te-Rangi. Hiwa-I-te-Rangi was a legend, she was a beautiful wishing star. So Waita wished upon Hiwa-I-te-Rangi. Waita was waiting for a long time. There was this one alien, and his name was Pohutukawa he would kill or take dead aliens that would betray him. So Pohutukawa just found out that Waita has been on his moon. Then he called out to his 3 robots to get Waita because he wanted her dead. At this moment the 3 robots are searching for Waita while Pohutukawa is yelling and sending out messages to the people about Waita. So, the 3 robots found Waita but Waita was able to run away. She was praying so she did the right thing she went to the robots and explained to the robots how she got here. The robots turned to Waita's side and 3 of the robots were going ahead to Pohutukawa to finish him. They had a good idea the 3 robots told Waita that they can help her get back to her family so they got Waita back to her spot.

The end

Student Letter from Te Tairawhiti Museum Trip by Riotchess Kingi

Our class trip

On September the 1st we went to Gisborne. The first place we went to was the Tairawhiti Museum. We learnt about Matariki, we all were on this carpet and this lady was passing around objects. Then the lady took us into this bubble thing (The Stardome). We were learning about the Matariki stars and the meaning of them, after that we went to the Olympic pools. Nothing else was open, just the inside pool, we only swam for like 1hour and 30 minutes then we got out and ate pizza. We went to the changing rooms and got changed after that, we got on our vans to go back to Wairoa. On the way back we saw these cars, they were cool as, one of them raced in front of all the cars, little did they know one of those cars was a policeman, it was very funny, the whole van was laughing, we finally got to Wairoa, we had to drop one of the students off home, we got back to school and we all went back home.

Year 7 and 8 Assessment Week

All Year 7 and 8 students have been busy this week sitting PATs Test. The Progressive Achievement Tests (PATs) assess students' Mathematics, Listening Comprehension, Punctuation and Grammar, Reading Comprehension, and Reading Vocabulary. PATs are a series of standardised tests developed specifically for use in New Zealand Schools.

Year 7 and 8 Hawkes Bay Barefoot Sevens Tournament

Year 7 & 8 Barefoot Sevens Tournament (Primary and Intermediate) hosted at Hastings Boys High School. The team won 3 out of 4 games.

Well done to:

Regan McCormack

Shontayne McCorkindale

Shevryn Boyd-Lafaiki

Oscar How

Jayden Taylor-Bell

Rawiri Johnson

Covell Keefe-Stewart

Laverda Huata

Alkaidah Tutu

Excellent day! Kids had so much fun.

Wairoa District Junior Cross Country

Congratulations to all the students who ranin the Wairoa District Cross Country at Ohuka

Sports and Games Festival

The Sports and Games Festival was held on Friday. A fantastic day was had by all those who attended.


It was great to see all of our local whānau attend our Open Evening. Whānau from right across the district arrived at Wairoa College on what turned out to be a lovely evening. Our Student Leaders, Prefect team and staff showcased our learning areas with lots of great activities and displays. Everyone enjoyed the sausage sizzle and students commented that they are looking forward to the Esports starting up next year.

As Year7 students in 2023 they will have the opportunity to learn in our newly renovated 7&8 area. They will be able to experience a variety of technology subjects and learn in our well-equipped science laboratories. Wairoa College also offers a wide variety of sports for students to try including Clay Bird Shooting and Surfing alongside the more traditional team sports. If you were unable to attend but would like to come for a look around please call the office for an appointment. We are very excited about having all of the Year 6 students join us as Year 7 students next year.

Service Academy Adventure Challenge

On 11 September 2022, Wairoa College Services Academy participated in the Adventure Challenge held in Rotorua. Okataina Outdoor Education and Recreation Trust accommodated all thirteen Academies from the Central Region. A time to reconnect with students and staff and to absorb and participate in the fun filled activities the Youth Development Unit (YDU) had instore for us.

  • Gondola and Luge rides
  • Mountain Biking
  • Drift Karts
  • Zip line
  • Corporate Challenge (Biking, run, walk)
  • Tough Guy Tough Girl challenge
  • Physical challenge

The main event for our Academy was the Tough Guy Tough Girl challenge. A 6.3km course over many obstacles from mud beds, creeks, cam nets, up and down steep hills to climbing over wooden structures and through tunnels. A physically demanding course which highlighted the importance of maintaining a good level of fitness and teamwork.

Hemi Karauria


Services Academy

Sport Science Ski Trip

Wairoa Colleges Year 11 Sport Science class recently visited the Maunga Ruapehu. With 11 students and 3 staff it made for an awesome experience amongst the wet and wild weather of the central North Island. Students were able to go from never snowboarded before to executing small jumps within hours. We have many naturally talented sportsmen and women in this year's Sport Science class which we are all proud of today. Thank you to all our whanau and supporters.

Nga Mihi,

Morgana Nathan

Level 3 and 2 Physics

Level 3 and Level 2 Physics students have been learning about waves. Water waves, light waves and sound waves. This is an experiment looking at harmonics and standing wave forms on a fixed end string.

Te Aute College visit to Wairoa College.

Wairoa College proudly welcomed Te Aute College onto our school. A Touring party of 60 staff, students and support whānau were welcomed with a Powhiri from the Year 7/8 Kapa Haka group into Te Aka Matua Wharenui. The purpose of their visit to Wairoa College was to play 2 rugby games against our First XV and E grade teams which was the beginning of their school’s 2-week tour of Wairoa, Gisborne and Te Tairawhiti. In the First XV game, the score ended up in a 15 all draw with Wairoa College still holding onto the Kim Karangaroa Memorial Trophy which is played annually between the 2 First XV rugby teams. In the E grade game Te Aute were too strong for Wairoa College winning by 32-17.

Turbo Touch Tournament

Our Year 9 cohort participated in a Turbo Touch Tournament during extended whānau time on Wednesday 7th September.

It was a great way to release some energy and build both house spirit and our Year 9 relationships through cheering each other on and showing kotahitanga. Well done to all of our students for getting involved. Year 9's that shone with their effort:

Jhalena Lafaiki, Storm Sigley, Maddisyn Meredith, Koia Rongotai, Envy Te Amo, Tane Prentice, Tristan Gray-Thopmson, Kash McCorkindale, TK Taylor

Ngā mihi to Mrs Nathan and her team of Year 11's who organised, umpired and at times filled gaps on the teams!


The team came 3rd over the weekend at the Kurangaituku Tournament in Rotorua. Even though it rained the whole time we were there, we all enjoyed the experience. Well done team.

Te Kupenga Art Show

Thank you Seenie Kahukura for encouraging me to place my art in the Te Kupenga Art Show in Wairoa! I was so blown away that someone bought it and I also got to go with some of the other artists to Auckland. Everyone was so positive and encouraging. My teachers were really happy for me. We went to see our work on display at Manzana a small boutique art space on High St. We all stayed across the road at the Metropolis Hotel which was flash. It had a pool and two spa pools. High St was next to Queen St with all the best shops and places to eat. It is very cool and super busy.

The night of the opening of the Art Show it was a little over whelming, but in a good way. I had all these grown-ups looking at my print and asking me lots of questions. Some of mums friends even came to support me which was so nice of them. I was excited to do a pod cast with Seenie for the Art Exhibition. I would definitely encourage anyone who wants to be an artist to give this ago next year. I put the pictures of my trip into a few collages so it will be more fun to look at. You will see a few familiar faces. The first one is when we were on the plane with Missy and Pete. The next collage is of the sights. The last two are of the artists and our wonderful supporters.

And remember do what you want to do and be want you to be.

Natasha Clayton-Greene


The following students were awarded this week for displaying one of our core values of:

Caring for each student (Manaakitanga),

Working together (Kotahitanga),

Respect (Whakamana),

and Resilience (Aumangea).

Kiara Maxwell-Clair, Tylah Morten, Liarna Emanuel, Jaqueliyun Elsmore-Peeti, Te Tahinga Lunny-Matai, Jayden Kerehi-Douglas, Saul Rore, Kaedyn Howard

Wairoa College Ball

We are very excited to be holding our bi-annual Wairoa College School Ball on Friday 23rd September. This event will be a fantastic celebration for our Year 12 and 13. The ball is sold out. Doors will be open from 7:00pm and shut at 8:00pm.

Gateway Opportunities

Year 12 students Dawn Karangaroa and Leighana Thompson-Perston have taken up the opportunity to join the Hair and Beauty Industry training program through Gateway. The girls explain why:

"I wanted to do Gateway to gain more knowledge and experience to eventually gain the skills I need to become a qualified Beautician. I see myself owning my own business in the near future". Dawn Karangaroa

"I am happy that I joined a Hair and Beauty Course with HITO through the Gateway Program. I want to gain the skills and knowledge to become a qualified Beautician when I finish school." Leighana Thompson-Perston


Whakanuia Te Wiki o te Reo Māori in the Library.

Displays and activities running for a couple of weeks.

Board of Trustees Parent Elections

Reminder. Voting closes for the Board Parent Elections on Friday the 23rd ofr September.

Staff verse Students Netball

A great game of Netball was played between staff and students on Friday. Congratulations to the staff who won 13 - 11.


Big picture

Upcoming Events

  • School Ball - Friday 23 September
  • Queens Memorial Holiday - Monday 26 September
  • Open Day at Trades Academy EIT - Friday 23 September
  • Year 10 Whakapunake Trip - Friday 23 September
  • Kapa Haka - Thursday 29 September
  • Last Day of Term 3 - Friday 30 September
  • Term 4 Begins - Monday 17 October