By: Taylor Hines

where do they live?

Coahulitecans live South in the coastal plains.

what do they eat, and how do they obtained it?

The Coahulitecans are hunter Gatherers, they gathered fruits and bugs to eat. They also hunted Fish and Buffalo.

What type of shelters to they live


What type of shelters do they live in

There shelter would be made out grass, sticks, and animal skins.

what type of weapons and tools did they use

They would build bow and arrows by sharpening sticks and tying them together. They make Spears the same way.
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What are there beleifes

They believed in a person called Shamon, they believed that the shaman can communicate with the spirit world. Samans also believed that they can treat illnesses and help the sick.

Organization of Leadership

They had one leader and they would follow him.

where were they located

The coachuiltecans lived in the southern Coastal Plains.

Fun facts

The Coahilitecans ate cacti