March 4, Vol. 1, No. 25

The Dearborn STEM Academy is a grades 6-12 Boston Public School supported by the Boston Plan for Excellence.

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Welcome to the Dearborn!

March has certainly roared in "like a lion", or a Wolverine!; we are only a couple of weeks away from Spring. The Spring is MCAS testing season.

First up in testing is grade 10 English Language Arts. The assessment will take place over two days, March 26th and 27th and will be done online.

If you have any questions about MCAS or anything else we do at the Dearborn please do not hesitate to contact the school.

You'll find an important letter from the District below; it's regarding a recent internet hoax that has gone "viral"; many of the DSA students are talking about it at school. You'll want to read the letter.

We have also included a quote from Steven Spielberg. The quote is meant to get us all thinking about better balance with the technology we use; technology, including cell phones and computers are important, can help us in many instances, and could save a life in the right circumstance. These same things can also ruin a family culture and a school community. There are appropriate times and places for everything. Let's all work on taking back the time and places that belong to family, community, and schools.

Signs your adolescent or any adult may be "too into" technology:

  • Has to have their phone in bed or near their bed while sleeping.
  • Is constantly checking their phone for "messages."
  • Has earbuds in constantly and has trouble listening or focusing when conversations are happening around them.
  • Often stays in their bedroom for long periods of time playing video games, searching the internet, or communicating with their friends by cell phone.
  • Has a meltdown or goes into panic mode when you suggest putting the phone or computer away or when their phone is taken away for any period of time.
  • Is on their phone at the restaurant or family party.
  • Others?

This is not a family thing or a school thing. It's a "we" thing. If you need suggestions or help please reach out to us at school. If you have good ideas please share them. Others may be struggling with the same issues.

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Dear Dearborn STEM Academy Families,

In recent days, there has been growing concern nationally about a reported disturbing trend called the “Momo Challenge,” in which youngsters are purportedly being asked to commit acts of self harm. Recent media coverage explains that this challenge is likely a hoax. However, this information provides us an opportunity to remind our students and families of important tips to stay safe online and on social media.

This month, BPS launched a web page with online safety tips for students and families:

For additional information, please review the resources listed below.


Shelley Olsen, Dana Brown

Dearborn STEM Academy Co-Principals


Top Three Tips for students:

Think before you speak, text, or post.

• Ask yourself: Is it welcome, true, and kind?

• Remember: Anyone can see what you post!

Use Social Media Responsibly: Common Sense Media ( provides a wealth of resources to help young people thrive in a world of social media, the internet, texting, and other technology. Among its tips for social media users, the organization suggests:

Parents should visit the site or app's safety section with their child. Sometimes you can find these sections under "About Us," "Privacy Policy,” or “Settings.” Review the rules and find out how your child can report mean or inappropriate content.

Don’t add strangers as contacts. People aren't always who they say they are online. If someone you don't know communicates with you, do not respond, and tell a trusted adult.

Keep some information private, such as your name, address, school, and phone number.

No matter what app you use, anyone can see, share, or save your posts/messages. No App can provide 100% security and your posts/messages can be shared publicly.

Enable Security Settings on Apps:

Snapchat: Please note that the Snapchat app is particularly concerning. Because Snapchat automatically deletes photo, video, or text messages shortly after they are opened, young people may falsely assume Snapchat messages — particularly those containing bias-based, sexually explicit, or other offensive content — will be immediately destroyed. However, the message receiver can easily take a screenshot, and then share the harmful images, videos, or words as widely and frequently as they choose.

• In the “Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Snapchat,” Common Sense Media suggests parents enable privacy settings with their children. Click on the link for detailed instructions.

Instagram and Facebook: Common Sense Media urges teenagers to use privacy settings to limit their audience on Instagram and Facebook to people they know well.

1 di marsu di 2019

Prezada Komunidadi di skola Dearborn,

Un kresenti preokupason nasional sobre un konportamentu alarmanti ten stadu ta sirkula es dias li. Undi un disafio ki txoma “Momo Challenge”, ki ta alegadamente pidi pa jovens kumeti atos di auto-agressão ten stadu ta sirkula na redes susiais. Midia ten stadu ta fla ma es disafio é pusivelmenti un mintira. Nu entanto, es informason ta da- nu un oportunidadi pa lenbra nos studantes i ses famílias di konsedjus importantes di siguransa ki nu debi toma en konsiderason oras ki bu sta na interneti i na redes susiais.

Es mês, BPS kria un pájina di interniti ku dikas sobre siguransa online pa alunos i familias:

Pa informason adisional, por favor revisa kes rekursus indikadu dibaxu.


Dana Brown, Shelley Olsen,

Dearborn Co-Principals


Pensa antes di bu fala, manda mensagen ô koloka mensagen na rede susuais.

● Pergunta bu kabesa: Mensagen ki N sta manda ta ser benvido, verdaderu i bondoso?

● Lenbra ma: Kalker algen pode odja bu mensagen!

Usa Redes Susial di forma Responsável: Midia Common Sense ( ta furnesi txeu rekursus pa djuda jovens prospera na mundo di rede susiais, na interneti, na manda mensagen di texto, i ku otu teknulujia. Entre kes dikas pa usuarios di rede susial, es organizason ta sujeri:

Pais debi visita pajina di interneti ô sekson di siguransi di aplicativo ku ses fijdu. As vezes es pode atxa kes sekson li dibaxu di "About Us," "Privacy Policy,” ô “Settings.” Reviza kes regras i djobi modi ki bu fidju pode dixa-s sabe sobre konteúdo mau ô inapropriadu.

Ka bu adisiona ningen ki bu ka konxi na bu kontaktus. Pesoas é ka senpri kenha ki es ta fra ma es é na interneti. Si algen ki bu ka konxi manda-u un mensage, ka bu respondi, i konta un adultu di konfiansa.

Manti algun informason privadu, sima bu nomi, inderesu, skola, i número di telifoni.

Ka ta inprota kal aplicativo ki bu sta usa, kalker pesoa pode odja, konpatilha, ô guarda bus mensagens. Ka ten ninhun aplicativo ki ta garanti-u 100% di siguransa i bus mensagens pode ser konpartilhadu publikamenti.

Ativa configurações di siguransa na aplicativos:

Snapchat: Por favor, fika avisadu ki aplicativo Snapchat é partikularmenti alarmanti.

Visto ki Snapchat ta apaga foto, vidio, ô mensagen di testo automatikamenti logo dipos ki el abridu, jovens ta asumi falsamenti ki mensagens di Snapchat — partikularmenti kes ki ten konteúdu di prekonseitu, ô ki é sexualmenti explisito, ô otu konteúdu ofensivu ma ta ser apagado logu. Nu entantu, pesoa ki ta resebi mensagen pode faze un kopia di kel mensagen, i dipos manda kel mensagen prejudisial, ô vidio, ô palavras pa kenha ki el kre, kuanto bez ki el kre.

❏ Na gia "Konpletu di Snapchat pa Pais ," Midia Common Sense ta sujeri pa pais ativa

configurações di privacidadi na aplicativo ku ses fijdus. Karka na link pa más ditalhes.

Instagram i Facebook: Common Sense Midia ta izorta jovens pa es usa configurações

di privacidade na ses aplicativo pa limita ses audiensia na Instagram i Facebook i inklui somenti pesoas ki es konxi dretu.
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What we are measured by as a school!

Here are the accountability areas of focus for schools in Massachusetts. As a turnaround school we are acutely aware of our status and are determined to make progress in the areas below.

If you have any questions about how the Dearborn is addressing these issues please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • MCAS scores in English language arts, math, and science

Student Growth

  • Student growth percentiles in English language arts and math

High School Completion

  • Four-year cohort graduation rate
  • Extended engagement rate (five-year cohort graduation rate plus the percentage of students from the cohort who are still enrolled)
  • Annual dropout rate

Progress Towards English Proficiency

  • Percentage of English learners meeting annual targets in order to be English proficient in six years

Chronic Absenteeism

  • Percentage of students missing 10 percent or more of the days they were enrolled at a given school during a school year

Advanced Coursework Completion
  • Percentage of 11th and 12th graders completing advanced coursework (Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual enrollment courses, and other selected rigorous courses)
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English Language Learners news...

Family ESL Class Survey

Dearborn STEM Academy will give a free English class in March of 2019. We are collecting information from families who are interested in taking the class. Please complete the google form below.

Nu sta ta ben oferesi klasi di Inglês di grasa pa pais e enkaregadus di edukasôn di alunus. Aula ta kumesa na Marsu di 2019. Si bu kre prendi inglês dipos di skola ku nos, pur favor, prenxi.

Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins speaks to DSA students.

This past Thursday we were paid a visit to our school by Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins. On her way out of the school Ms. Rollins was effusive in her praise of our students and school. She was particularly impressed by the student questions. The collective student behavior during the presentation was exemplary. Thank you to all of the teachers and support staff for supporting the presentation by Ms. Rollins and our students.
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  • UMass Boston Urban Scholars, grade 9: Summer and after school tutoring, academic enrichment, also get paid..

  • TAG (TALENTED AND GIFTED): UMass Boston summer for English language learners, English and Math, field trips and activities (soccer, art, drama, theater, music), see Mr. Likosky for application.. Program is End of June through early August

  • Northeastern University Design the Future : one week summer program for grades 9-12,

  • Acellus Credit Recovery: grades 9-12, make up credits online from previously failed courses, Mr. Likosky will oversee the courses

  • Northeastern Young Scholars Program: Science/Engineering, application due March 1.. Grades 10-11..

  • Northeastern University Pre-Calculus Program: Early morning in Summer for 5 weeks at NU, learn Pre-Calc and prepare for Senior Year

  • Harvard Summer School (take college course on Harvard campus), link to apply

Grades 10-11



  • JUDICIAL YOUTH CORPS INTERNSHIP AT JOHN ADAMS COURTHOUSE, grades 10-11, see Mr. Likosky for application


  • Boston City Lights (dance, arts, performing), work on performances, 5 days a week in summer, PAID POSITION.. Application.. Ages 15-19

  • Boston Teens in Print Writing/Journalism:

  • MASS GENERAL HOSPITAL SUMMER INTERNSHIP, grades 10-11, see Mr. Likosky for application

  • MASS LIFE SCIENCE CENTER, Biology research this summer, paid internship, see Mr. Likosky for application

  • PIC (Private Industry Council), several summer jobs available, see Mr. Lima or Mr. Likosky for details on second floor in Guidance Area

  • Success Link Boston.. Sign up online at , this will open you up to many opportunities

Participating in programs out of school will look great on your resume and college applications and will also prepare you better for college courses

Families and students, please reach out with any questions to High School Guidance Counselor Tim Likosky with any questions, or 617-635-8412

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Middle School Basketball wins two!

Congratulations to the Dearborn Middle School Basketball teams. Both girls’ and boys’ teams took home the WIN last Thursday! Shout outs to Gregory and Scan as key players for the boys team. Scan racked up rebounds and steals in his first game of the season. Gregory was described as “never phased” with an aggressive style of play. The girls team continued their win streak. Justice continued to rack up points, and Brianna was truly a team player. Great job Wolverines, and thanks to the fans for coming out to support!
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  • February 25, Boys and Girls Basketball at the Dearborn, Girls at 3:30 pm, Boys at 4:30 pm

  • February 28, Dearborn Boys and Girls Basketball at the King School, Girls at 4:00 pm, Boys at 5:00 pm

  • March 5, Dearborn Boys and Girls Basketball at the Higginson-Lewis, Girls at 4:00 pm, Boys at 5:00 pm

  • March 7, Boys and Girls Basketball at the Dearborn, Girls at 3:30, Boys at 4:30 pm

  • March 12, Dearborn Boys and Girls Basketball at the Dearborn, Girls at 3:30 pm, Boys at 4:30 pm

  • March 19, Dearborn Boys and Girls Basketball at the Dearborn, Girls at 3:30 pm, Boys at 4:30 pm

  • March 22, Dearborn Boys and Basketball at the Frederick, Girls at 4:00 pm, Boys at 5:00 pm

  • March 25, Dearborn Boys and Girls Basketball at the Dearborn, Girls at 3:30 pm, Boys at 4:00 pm

  • March 27, Dearborn Boys and Girls Basketball at Orchard Garden, Girls at 4:00 pm, Boys at 5:00 pm

Art Students celebrate Black History Month!

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Here are the early-release (11:30 am) Wednesdays for the remainder of the year!

Wednesday, March 13

Wednesday, April 10

Wednesday, May 8

Wednesday, June 12

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In partnership with the Boston Plan for Excellence the Dearborn STEM Academy will host a Summer Learning Academy!

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Let's communicate!

We will communicate by newsletter with you each week. It will be distributed at the beginning of each school week. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform Dearborn STEM Academy students, staff, and families as well as the greater Dearborn community.

If you would like to add something please submit the contents to the appropriate principal; High School Principal Dana F. Brown, or Middle School Principal Shelley Olsen,

Stories, pictures, calendar reminders, club, activity, and classroom notes are all welcome.