Tri Delta Tribune

Alpha Pi Chapter- January 2014

A Letter from the Academic Chairman


Finals have just winded down and winter break has begun as the 2014 fall semester has come to an end! The sisters of Tri Delta have been working hard this semester! Women have been studying non-stop all week for finals and have helped each other out during this stressful time. Women have been offering each other rides to the library, providing coffee and snacks, and studying together in the study rooms. The members of Tri Delta here at the University of Maryland have collectively set a goal to improve the chapter GPA and have been diligently working towards achieving this goal! It’s been a great environment around this house with everyone being mindful and respectful of all of the other girls studying. Morale has been high and we are looking forward to excelling past the All-Sorority GPA. Happy holidays to all from the hard working sisters of Tri Delta!


Elizabeth McMillen Academic Chairman

Coming Up

December 21- January 26- Winter break

January 25- Chapter house reopens

January 27- Spring semester begins

January 31- Formal spring recruitment begins

Winter Open House

Before Formal Recruitment begins in January, Tri Delta hosted an open house to get to know Potential New Members. As a sisterhood event before the open house, our new recruitment chairs, Caroline and Sammie, organized for everyone to help out around the house and turn it into a Winter Wonderland. It was the perfect way to wrap up the semester with all of us spending time together, especially before some women graduated and others get ready to leave for their semester abroad.

The open house was a perfect opportunity to introduce younger women who intend on going through recruitment in the spring to the Tri Delta women. They enjoyed hot chocolate and other wintery treats while also being able to tour the house. Going into spring recruitment, the morale is high and everyone is ready to get to know other women even better!

At the University

This December, the Terrapins football team was lucky enough to have the opportunity to play in the Military Bowl! After a hard fight, Maryland fell to Marshall 31-20.

During finals week, it seemed that Testudo was receiving more gifts than ever! Every day he received a decorated tree, sweaters, and other gifts. However, Testudo was subjected to some serious danger when someone lit candles around him on a windy night! Testudo got out unscathed, and the students were still able to rub his nose for some luck and cover him in Band-Aids and get-well-soon cards.

Sixth Annual Fat Talk Free Week

As we wrapped up the spring semester, Tri Delta wanted to recognize our strides in improving body image. This year, Fat Talk Free week was the most successful yet. Across the country, collegiate chapters spread the message of positivity. From chapter to chapter as well as nationally, many thanks were given for the message Tri Delta has conveyed. It goes to show how far a simple "you're beautiful" can go! Until next FTFW, let's remember the importance of keeping a healthy image and helping others realize that as well!

Active Deltas