From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate

By: Isabella Rodriguez 3AS


Chocolate makes an interesting journey to your table.


Chocolate begins its trip to the store in a beautiful cocao bean tree. Nature prepares the cocao beans and then they cut the cocao bean plant. Then they take the cocao beans out and then they let them dry for 2 weeks. A truck takes the coco beans to the factory.


After the truck takes the beans to the factory, they smash the cocoa bean and make sure it has the perfect flavor and perfect look. When they are all done they make the candy into the shape of chocolate and then put them into the wrappers. After they put the wrappers on, then they take it to the store.


When it arrives at the store, the people from the store take it out of the truck and put it on the candy shelf. People buy it because it has a lot of carbs and gives you a lot of energy to your stomach. If you want chocolate you can look in the candy aisle.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that they leave the coco beans to dry for 2 weeks. In another country they drink a hot liquid called chocolatle.


Now that you know how to make chocolate you can make home made chocolate.
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