Through My Eyes

Tim Tebow

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In Through My Eyes, we see Tim Tebow's life unravel. "We see how he chooses to live his life, revealing how his faith, family values, and his relentless drive to succeed. We see him transform into the faithful person and professional athlete he is today." We see how his life starts with something as simple as performing in a church play and proceeds into playing professional football for the one and only Denver Broncos.

Authors Purpose

The Author decided to write this book to reflect the life of Tim Tebow and what it was like for him growing up. He told Tim's story about how God entered his life at an early age, and has stayed with him till this day. He shows us what Tim has achieved with hard work and dedication, and with the help of his savior.


A. With the help of God, anything that you wish you could do can become possible.

B. With a lot of hard work and determination you can achieve your greatest goals.

C. Bad things can happen to good people.

Life-Changing Chapter

When Tim's dog Otis was brutally attacked by strangers while Tim and his family were out of town. Otis was badly injured, and the vet said that Otis was too old for surgery and that the surgery might not get him fully back to normal. So they took Otis back home to live out the rest of his days where he belonged. Tim, however, though he could help Otis through his own kind of physical therapy. He would put Otis in a big bath tub and slowly bend the leg that had been badly injured, this was to help Otis start to walk again. After about three weeks, Tim had help Otis enough so that he could walk, but there was still a limp in his step.
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"An abortion is the only way to save your life".(4) This line is said by a doctor to Tim Tebow's mother. She is pregnant with Tim and is told her best option is to give up the baby. She doesn't though and everything goes well through the birth, and it shows what faith can do.

"I learned, that after the game, over 1.3 million people searched John 3:16 on the internet".(207) This show us how many people were moved by how religious Tim Tebow was while playing football at Florida.

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Cultural Issue

The book addresses whether or not religion plays a role in professional sports or other sports. It makes you wonder if that you believe in something, nothing is going to stop you in achieveing that goal. Whether it is to go to college, or play a professional sport.


On a scale of 1-5 I would rate this book a 4. The book was very interesting and I learned a lot about Tim's life. I learned what his journey was like in becoming a professional football player, and how he has donated some of his time to help others who are not as fortunate. Though some parts of the book lagged in excitement, its was a good book to read and enjoy.