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Parent News - August 17th - Open House Edition!

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Access Your Child's Schedule in Skyward!

Skyward Family Access

It's easy to follow Skyward Access. You will be able to see everything you need about your child's schedule, grades, discipline, and so much more.

Please print a copy of your child's schedule and bring it with you to Fall Open House. You will need it to visit each teacher.

We've also provided a template for you to print and record your child's classes, for easier view.

Bring Your Child's Schedule To Open House!

Utilize the attached form to record your child's class schedule. Bring it with you to our Fall Open House to help guide you to meeting our teachers! We look forward to seeing you next week, on August 24th!

Open House Event Agenda - August 24th

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Administrator and Counselor Alpha Split Pairs

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2022-2023 Instructional Calendar

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Counselor Request Form

Do you have a question? Need Guidance? Would you like to talk? Complete the form below and your counselor will contact you.

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Follow us on our website and social media for up to date information.

Verification of Enrollment (VOE)

Please allow 24-48 hours for processing.

Assistant principals and counselors are assigned students by alpha split.


Andre Roberson - Principal - andre.roberson@fortbendisd.com

Erik Smith - Associate Principal - erik.smith@fortbendisd.com

Elizabeth Brewer - Assistant Principal (A-Cro) - elizabeth.brewer@fortbendisd.com

Stephen McCormick - Assistant Principal (Cruz-Hern) - stephen.mccormick@fortbendisd.com

James Kirkpatrick - Assistant Principal (Hew-Men) - james.kirkpatrick@fortbendisd.com

Alisha Gregory - Assistant Principal (Meq-R) - alisha.gregory@fortbendisd.com

Sharon Delesbore - Assistant Principal (S-Z) - sharon.delesbore@fortbendisd.com

Mary Green-Lee - Dean of Instruction - mary.green@fortbendisd.com


Angela Garcia - Lead Counselor - angelam.garcia@fortbendisd.com

Latonya Hamilton - Counselor (A-Cro) - latonya.hamilton@fortbendisd.com

Nicole Nguyen - Counselor (Cruz-Hern) - nicole.nguyen@fortbendisd.com

Latisha Saunders - Counselor (Hew-Men) - latisha.saunders@fortbendisd.com

Irvin Casely-Hayford - Counselor (Meq-R) - irvin.caselyhayford@fortbendisd.com

Romanda Poore - Counselor (S-Z) - romanda.poore@fortbendisd.com

Jasmine Riley-Akpabio - P-TECH Counselor - jasmine.rileyakpabio@fortbendisd.com

Jackie Hidalgo - College & Career Advisor - jackie.hidalgo@fortbendisd.com


Kelley Johnson - Campus Assessment Coordinator - kelley.johnson@fortbendisd.com