Social Security

moises, KIngston

social security

Social Security was established August 14 1935

Helps Who?

Helps those who are disabled, unemployed and those who are too old to have a job.

Intends to do?

social security intends to help those in need.
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It is recovery because the program tried to helped people recover from the great depression.

How succesful?

It wasn't a major affect because it wasn't a guaranteed that you would get your money back.

How does this program add to your understanding of the great depression?

This showed how america was in crisis that was hard on the american people. Government tried to help as much as they could.
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Is it still here?

Yes this program still exist, it doesn't work as well. Most people dont like this program because their is no guarantee that youll get all your money back
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Talked about what it was intended to do. Helped those who were ill, old, and security for you and your children