September 2020 Arrangements

Part 4 Behaviour Management

We can't wait to welcome all the children to school in September!

However - let's start by being completely clear - COVID-19 has not yet gone away.

Whilst welcoming all children back this autumn, we will also be asked to minimise the number of contacts that a child has during the school day as part of implementing the system of controls outlined by risk assessment to reduce the risk of transmission. All elements of the system of controls are essential.

The overarching principle we are having to apply is to reduce the number of contacts between children and staff. We will achieve this through keeping phase or year groups separate (in ‘bubbles’) and through maintaining distance between individuals. These are not alternative options and both measures will help, but the balance between them will change depending on:

  • children’s ability to distance from others.
  • the lay out of the school and the movement needed.
  • the feasibility of keeping distinct groups separate while offering a broad curriculum and a near normal school experience.
  • the necessity for enhanced hygiene measures.

It is likely that for younger children the emphasis will be on separating groups, and for older children it will be on distancing. For children old enough, we will also be supporting them to maintain distance and not touch staff where possible.

Bee nice and do the right thing!

Brayton Bee

Brayton Bee will still be here in September. How could we do without him? The children will continue to receive a bee for the same reasons as before - for showing the school values, working hard, helping others, completing great work, trying their best, acts of kindness - all sorts of reasons. However - instead of being handed a bee token, they will be told that they have received a bee and the classteacher will record them on the school register system which credits each child with one point for each bee they earn.

Bee points can be awarded by any adult in school.


Every child and member of staff is already allocated to a green, red, yellow or blue bee hive. (We used to call these 'houses' but we are now calling them hives.) When a child earns a bee point, that counts one bee point towards his or her hive's total too.

Individual rewards

Once a child has earned 1000 bee points - s/he will get a honey pot prize.

S/he can choose one of the three following options:

  1. A bar of chocolate (or similar)
  2. A day of non-uniform for themselves only
  3. Ten bee points for their own hive

Parents will be notified of the child's choice by text so that the child can be congratulated and you will know that they really can come in non-uniform on a particular day.

Group rewards

We won’t have Golden time this next year but that’s not to say that we will never have it again in the future. For now, at the end of each half term, the hive with the most bee points will have their

colours displayed on the tree at the front of the school and around school. We will make them feel like winners and celebrate their achievements on Facebook / website / newsletter. It will be interesting to see which hives win the most often. We will find ways of creating inter-hive competitions too.

Queen and King Bees

The Queen or King bees in charge of the four hives will be:

Red hive– Miss Umpleby

Green hive– Mrs Burnell

Yellow hive- Mrs Clayton

Blue hive– Mr Wheeler

These teachers are our school senior leaders - watch out - they are very competitive!

Hive Captains

We will elect hive captains from Y6 to assist and advise the Queen and King Bees in their leadership roles.

Additional Bees

Each week, Mrs R will award discretionary bee points for attendance, punctuality and behaviour.

Behaviour sanctions

Children are children. They are not yet fully formed adults and therefore they don't always make the grown up, adult, responsible or positive choice. They don't always do the right thing - this is because their education is not yet over and their conscience isn't fully developed. In the same way that their positive actions help the Brayton family to thrive and be happy, their negative actions cause problems for somebody in the Brayton family and spoil someone's day.

Regrettably then, we do need to continue with some form of communication when children slip up and cause someone to have a bad experience. We need to talk to them about their mistakes and ensure that they can apologise and move on - learning to take responsibility for their own actions.

Red slips - like bee tokens - will be given verbally not physically. This will communicate to the child that they have caused a problem or a negative experience for someone at school. Staff will continue to deal with behaviour incidents and they will be recorded on our school system and Mrs R will be alerted if she is needed to become involved. Mrs R or one of the other school leaders (above) will be in touch with parents only when it is necessary - if incidents are particularly worrying or if a pattern of misbehaviour is occurring.

We want to celebrate and enjoy the positive and use the negative only to educate, not punish - but there will still be consequences to negative behaviour, including a loss of privilege or free time and communication with you as parents - your support in this situation is always greatly appreciated.

Restoration - not retaliation

Children have been apart for many months and they will probably initially need some support and patience to encourage them to play and work cooperatively at school.

We will not tolerate any form of physical or verbal abuse whatsoever. Retaliation is not an excuse. "He did it first" is not acceptable mitigation and two wrongs don't make a right -- children are expected to seek help for their problems, not to take matters into their own hands. Telling an adult in school about someone's unkind actions is NOT telling tales - it is the best and quickest way for children to defend themselves. Please encourage children to 'whistle blow' not 'come to blows.'


These arrangements follow current guidance and risk assessment. They may have to change according to unforeseen National and Local events or official instructions. We will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible if things change.

Thank you for your support with our bee-haviour policy - we truly bee-lieve that.....

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