By: Cameron Phelps- Peroid C

What is Globilzation?

Globalization is the development of closer economic cultures and political relations among all the countries of the world as a result of travel and communications becoming easy

Claim: Globalization is the relationship between countries that makes communication and transportation easier

The Four Categories Of Globalization

Cultural: Refers to the transmission of ideas, meanings and values around the world in such a way as to extend and intensify social relations.

Economic:is the increasing integration and interdependence of national, regional and local economics across the world through an intensification of cross-border movement of goods, services, technologies and capital.

Environmental:Environmental globalization is the increase of human interaction with the environment and the affects of the increased activity.

Technological:Technological globalization is the advancements made in technology and the affects it has had on international relationships.

Problems And Solutions With Globalization

Problem: By transporting materials from country to country by plane you could pollute the air over time and waist gas which means more money spent to get your product across the country.

Solution: It would be more environmentally healthy to ship good by cargo ship because it is safer and will not pollute the air.

Problem: Globalization could be dangerous because its not always good to have relations with other countries because it could lead to wars or to much money to transport to the U.S

Solution: Make trading far and try to make less trips between countries

Problem: By transporting goods from other countries diseases could be spread from country to country.

Solutions: Be careful when packaging and receiving from other countries and you could reduce transporting if there is a disease going on the country you are receiving from.

Problem: Foreign company's could be using manufacturing shortcuts by using the cheapest products to take the easy and cheapest way out.

Solution: Make sure you are receiving your goods from a reliable source that you know wont be using any shortcuts.

Maps And Analysis Of My Product

Natural resource map of India: My product is Horseradish and one ingredient in horseradish is mustard and mustard seeds are grown in India

Natural Resource Map of the U.K: Horse roots are grown in the U.K
Population map of the U.K
Transportation Map of the U.K

Horseradish Globalization

The product I chose to track is horseradish. Horseradish is manufactured in the United kingdom but many ingredients to horseradish is imported from other areas. In order to make horseradish the company has to import ingredients from India and other areas around the United kingdom. Transportation is a huge part of my product because without noting would be able to be made or given to other countries. Cultural can be expressed through horseradish because horseradish is used to make food all around the world and is apart of many recipes used everyday. Environmental is a huge part of horseradish because it can bring people together by sharing your recipe's with other cultures and people. Economic is expressed with horseradish because people share their options on what to mix and use horseradish with all different kinds around the world. Technological is used with horseradish because it brings it all together and makes it possible for everyone all around the world to be able to enjoy it by transporting it stores and families from coast to coast.

How Globalizations affects my life

Globalization affects my daily life because.Everything I use and do has to do with globalization. One thing I have on me every minute of the day is my cell phone which was manufactured in China and was made from several parts all around the world. Another thing I do almost everyday is run I run all the time I have practice almost everyday and one thing I need in order to do that is my running shoes which were made in Thailand and transported from there by technological ways to get the product from Thailand into my hands. Globalization is used in school all the time because we are always learning new ways to do things and different ways to live our lives. My mom drives me to school everyday which is a example of economic because she is my way of transportation to school.

Hypothesis of how Globalization with affect my daily patterns in the next 10 years.

I believe that in 10 years globalization well have changed the world dramatically. I believe my children's education will be far different then my educational experiences. I predict that school will all be done through technology and kids will no longer go to school and everything will be done through a computer at home. I also believe children will be encouraged to start their careers' at a way earlier age then we do today. Another thing that I believe will be different is the way we receive products from other countries. I think everything will be able to be transported drones faster then they would be plane or ship and I think every countries relationships will be closer and everyone will work and communicate as one nation and there will no longer be any wars which will lower costs to ship products from country to country.