LJH Weekly Newsletter: The Finale!

Trojan Happenings The Week of June 14-18, 2021

Thank you COCISD and Lincoln Jr. High staff, students and parents! I have really enjoyed the experience and love from from many of you.Enjoy your summer break.

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Best wishes to Mrs. Hawthorne and Mrs. Scinicariello on your new journey. You have been an asset to LJH and COCISD.

Students First!!!

Student's of The Week: All LJH Scholars have a safe summer!!!

We are hosting "Extra Innings" this summer. We need you to contact parents and make referrals for scholars you know are struggling. Summer School 1 is July 5th -15 and Summer School 2 is July 19th - 29th. Scholars can sign up online for either session.

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Keep That Positive Energy Team and Take Care of Yourself!

Mission Statement: Our Purpose/What!

The mission of Lincoln Junior High is to cultivate leaders of tomorrow by promoting a culture of excellence and personal accomplishment while supporting academic, social and emotional needs.

Vision Statement: Where are we going!

At Lincoln Junior High we believe in developing growth and creating opportunities for All Scholars.

Key Expectations!!!

TROJAN Matrix!

T- Trustworthy

R- Responsible/Respectful

O- Open Heartedness

J- Justifiable Choices

A- Attitude of Servant Leader

N- Noble Character

Upcoming Events:

Monday: No Lesson plans until August! /Report to campus at 8:a.m../ End of Year Awards-Refer to EOY document sent out.. Breakfast and Lunch (12:15-1:45 @COHS) provided by district/CPI Training starts at 7:45 contact Jennifer Rudloff

Tuesday: District Meetings: 9:00-11:00-Student Handbook, Code of Conduct-Birmingham/11:30-1:30 DEIC Meeting/2:00-3:00-LJH Course Catalog-Brown/Patrick

Wednesday: Campus PD- PD Agenda shared with staff by Mrs. Birmingham. Please follow guidelines and checkout procedures. Paras-Please take down all hallway bulletin boards, get names of scholars that need award certificates printed and print them so they can be mailed to scholars/ complete all documentation logs

Thursday: Campus PD- Refer to agenda shared by Birmingham

Friday: Campus PD-Refer to guide by Mrs. Birmingham/Lunch provided by district @ Jones 11:00-1:00.

LJH Weekly Photo Highlights-Our Last Dance together, Field Day, Book Give-away, Awards Ceremony. I love LJH!!!

Are you Championing a Scholar?

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Mr./Mrs. Championed Scholars this week!

All teachers and staff for all you did for our scholars all year! It was a tough year and an unusual year, but you hung in there and kept putting scholars first. Every child deserves a champion and that champion or those champions are all members of the LJH staff. Thank you LJH! Your the best.

T-TESS Goals in STRIVE Due June 11th

T-TESS Professional Goal in Strive (via Eduphoria)
Rita Pierson: School Starts at 8
Rita Pierson: Teaching Tips (Win-Win Conversations)
Proper Test Administration of STAAR Tests - STAAR Stuff
CHAMPS - Classroom management program for teachers
Formative Assessments: Why, When & Top 5 Examples
Quick and Easy Ways to Use Exit Tickets in the Classroom
Teaching Bell to Bell in Blended Learning
Cooperative Learning Model: Strategies & Examples
Spotlight Strategies - Anchor Charts
Chunking: Learning Technique for Better Memory and Understanding
There Is No Going Back to Normal | Simon Sinek
What's So Great About Data Driven Instruction?
5 minutes with Dr. O. - Texas Educational Systems
Worksheets ARE NOT Teachers
Marcia L. Tate - Behind the meaning of "Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites"
The One Thing All Great Teachers Do | Nick Fuhrman | TEDxUGA
Unwrapping the TEKS
Fundamental 5: Framing the Lesson
The Fundamental 5: The Power Zone

Effective Feedback

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Meet the teacher!

LJH Teacher Intro