Causes of Homelessness

Most people who are homeless have experienced a tragic life occurrence or a job loss. Many causes of homelessness are; the loss of a loved one or loved ones, domestic violence, divorce, and family disputes. Other causes of homelessness are types of impairments, such as; depression, untreated mental illness, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, otherwise known as PTSD, and many other physical disabilities.

What can be done about Homelessness?

What can the Government do?

Many agencies have tried to help find employment for those who are homeless. They have also tried to find health care and a stable place to live. The was a proposal that was announced Tuesday, January 7, called "Opening Doors". This program is to help open the doors to the homeless and finding them what they need.

What can the Homeless do?

The homeless could go out and look for good paying jobs. Most of them get money from strangers, but spend it on drugs and alcohol instead of something they actually need. Some other them don't even try to better themselves. After being on the streets for so long, it's the only home they know, and they don't want to leave.

What can the Community do?

We, the community, could go out and help the homeless find good jobs. We could give them a chance as a people. We could pay more attention to them instead of passing them by on the streets and giving them wierd looks. We only see them as poor and dirty people, but in reality, they use to be just like you and me. We could start a big movement to help out as much as we can.