1780's - 1801

  • Popular in the south and west
  • wanted power with the states
  • more agricultural and rural lifestyles
  • Stresses civil liberties and trust in the people

Mid 19th Century Politics Crisis

  • Group formed from people the opposed the Kansas-Nabraska Bill
  • Moderates
  • "Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men"
  • Slavery is morally wrong but had a right to exist under the constitution
  • Opposed the extension of slavery

Election of 1860

  • Opposed Slavery
  • Favored the Homestead Act, a protective tariff, and transportation improvements
  • Abraham Lincoln as presidential candidate

Politics of Gilded Age

  • Pro-Business
  • Opposed economic radicalism and reform
  • Split into Stalwarts, Halfbreeds, Mugwumps

Progressive Era

  • Political parties singled out as corrupt, undemocratic, outmoded, and inefficient
  • Roosevelt and Taft were republicans during this time

Republican Era

  • Both presidencies were dominated by republicans
  • Government was pro-business
  • Conflicts surfaced regarding immigration, prohibition,and race

Post WWII Politics

  • the pro-business Republican Party ran General Dwight D. Eisenhower for president
  • accuse the Democrats of being "soft" on communism
  • promise to end the Korean War
  • "Dixiecrats" associate themselves with Republican candidates

Nixon New Federalism

  • Oppose the War in Vietnam
  • Republicans run former Vice President Richard Nixon for president in 1968
  • cut back Federal power and returned that power to the states

Reagan and the "New Right"

  • Mostly in southern states
  • Conservative Christians, Southern whites, affluent ethnic suburbanites, and young conservatives
  • stricter laws against crime, drugs, and pornography
  • opposition to easy-access abortions
  • increase in defense spending
  • cut tax rates

Democrats V. Republicans


-Weed: supports the legalization

-Guns: right to own firearms is subject to reasonable regulation

-Abortion: strongly agree with a woman right to abortion

-Death Penalty: 47% of democrats surveyed support

-Immigration: believe in loosely controlled borders open to everyone


-Weed: opposes legalization

-Guns: firm belief in 2nd amendment right

-Abortion: believe that unborn babies have a right to life

-Death Penalty: about 81% support

-Immigration: believe that immigration laws should be followed