Time to boogie BYE BYE BRITAIN

An event celebrating Britain's departure from our lives ;^)

Get your butts here to celebrate

FINALLY, aren't we all relieved that Britain's trashy attitude is gone? I know am! Lets raise our appropriately sprite filled glasses (or water, depends how you roll) to being able to be ourselves! Lets get down to the fact that Britain's unjust treatment of our people is at its complete end for good now! I think we have suffered enough, so it's about time for us to officially shove the past out of our way and let new goals cover our new leaf. I promise you wont regret it!

Boogie BYE BYE

Saturday, Feb. 15th 1947 at 9pm


We'll be meeting at 9;00 pm on February the 15th 1947 to boogie to Britain leaving India to govern themselves.

What to bring

( to the left is a map of where our event is)

All you need to bring is a bag of chips and marshmallows for our snacking and drinks will be provided although you may bring as many treats as you want. Traditional indian food is welcomed as well as a bathing suit and towel for the midnight swimming we'll be doing after dancing for a while.


When you need to contact me you must meet at the center of your town square with the people that go by the code name; Swagisswag, on the day before the party where after the time limit of 12am on the day of the event Swag will travel to the event destination and give me the list of participants. Note: There is a Swag for every city in India