whasts the city like?

  • It is a city that is located in Colombia

  • It is a very warm city

  • It is a city with many tourist sites

  • too populous city people



  • these are works of art
which are made by artists

  • This is the sugarcane
which is cut by workers


Flower Fair

  • this is a popular day when people held and see floats, it takes place the 1th of August

poetry festival

  • Poetry takes place in public parks, university theaters, 5th of July

national crafts fair

  • The event usually lasts six days and includes either representing over 200 indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities. 8th of NOVEMBER


  • there are stadium where you can enjoy with family

  • an attraction of medellin is the haze lake is 3 hours from the city

  • There are different park where you can enjoy

  • there is Also you can enjoy in the bullring

important people

Aníbal Gaviria Correa: is a Colombian politician, Current mayor of Medellin for the period to meke decisions about the city

fernando botero: this is the person is elected painter and sculptor


you can swim, you can alson go for a walk

you cant sail on a boat, you can fish.

you have to bring swim suit

you have to bring sportswear


how many boats are there?

there a fow boats

how many trees are there?

there are a lof of trees

how many houses are there?

there are a lof of houses


how much is the bandeja paisa?

twenty-for euros, three cents

how much is rice with chicken?

thirty-one euros, nine cents