Math 7B Spring, 2017

Wendy Buffington

Quick Look

  • Grades
  • What We Are Studying
  • Extra Credit
  • Spring Break
  • Reminders

Classy Update...


Grades have been updated. Please make sure you are reading the feedback for each assignment and applying it as necessary. If you have questions about any grade or individual question, just let me know.

Our Studies

We are currently finishing up the Making Inferences unit on data and beginning the Probability Unit. To help you practice, please visit the site below.

Probability Practice

Extra Credit

Following Spring Break, I will introduce the extra credit opportunities. These will also double as individual reviews for our final exam. There will be a project type assignment for each unit and they will be due on Friday, May 5 by midnight. I will grade the assignments and then apply it to the grade that will benefit you the most within each unit.

Make sure you attend the help session on Thursday, April 16, for more information!

Spring Break

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Spring Break is April 3-7

  • You will have access to the system if you choose to work.
  • There will not be a class help session or individual help sessions this week.
  • I will check email once daily.


  • My office hours are 10am-1pm, M-F, and 4pm-5pm on Tuesdays.
  • Help Sessions are Thursdays at 4pm.
  • Work is accepted for a late penalty after each weekly due date. However, late penalties will be applied.