the home of the brave

Aaron smith 4 and 5 period

development of theme analysis

The setting is to describe how dangerous it is like how max and Kevin went into the new testaments if you know what tenements are you get a better picture of just how dangerous it was.''Even a total goon like me knows you cant stop Kenny Kane but i try any how"

Reflection and application of theme

The theme is everyone can be brave i think its a good theme and it is true the theme is important to kids my age because they like to prove themselves because they are stubborn and want to be the bravest . some thing that takes lots of courage at the bottom of the slide

Title of book and author name

title of book and author name

a mentally disabled boy named max is lonely a physically disabled kid moves in they become friends they get all the same classes and max starts getting smarter maxes dad kidnaps max Kevin saves max Kevin dies the end

author information extra credit

rod man philbrick pub company is Blue sky/scholastic

ever bind books

scholastic books

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