Baylor University

Home of the Bears

Datos de Interesantes

  • Out of 262 tier 1 Universities in the US, Baylor University came out 71st.
  • The Princeton Review named Baylor University "Best Western College" and number 2 in the nation.
  • During its more than 160 years of history, Baylor has had 14 presidents, whose leadership has shaped the growth of the institution.
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Population: There are more than 16,000 students study at Baylor, representing all 50 states, 3,190 Degree seeking freshman are apart of that number. In the city of Waco, there are 129,030 residents.

Enrollment / Housing : Accepted freshmen must pay a $500 enrollment deposit. Once the deposit is processed, a student can select his or her housing preferences through goBAYLOR.

Requirements: Here in Baylor, the office offers a variety of standardized tests for admissions purposes and college credit. These include;

The ACT ResidualThe ACT Residual for AP EnglishCredit by Examination (AP, Baylor Departmental, CLEP, IB, and SAT Subject Exams)A variety of national tests (ACT, SAT, LSAT, etc.)


Baylor University's Mascot is the American Black Bear. They have two live Bears on the campus, named Joy and Lady, and the Costumed Mascot is named Bruiser.


Yo deseo que la Universidad me lleva.

Yo deseo que mi SAT puntuaciones es bueno.


Yo siento que triste a para deje mi familia y mi casa.

Yo siento que feliz porque mi llegue para ir en aventuras.


Yo recomienda que mi para hago la tarea.

Yo recomienda que duerma a tiempo.


Yo dude que la Universidad es mal.

Yo dude que la Universidad es difícil.


Yo espero que Baylor es divertido.

Yo espero que los osos no mate mi.