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Going "Chromando"

Since we are in full Chromebook effect, I wanted to share some useful tools for you and your students! At the California School Library Association conference, I was able to attend a Chromebook apps and extensions workshop by Sharlene Paxton. You can view the whole presentation HERE. Below are a few highlights that everyone can benefit from! Click on the picture to see the full description :)

RTI Tier 1

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Helpful tier 1 intervention strategies will a big part of the next RTI webinar on April 28th. What does tier 1 intervention look like? Do I already do tier 1 intervention? How can I make subtle changes to my classroom to help support this work?

How To Teach Students to Change Behaviors Through Self-Monitoring

Click HERE to access other resources on student self-monitoring. Having the students be accountable for their own actions and behaviors through self-assessment is a great tool to get, and keep kids on track!
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national poetry month

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April is National Poetry Month! The library will host a "poet-tree" and celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day. In addition, there will be books and displays for students to interact with. If you would like to spread the poetry love, visit Poets.org for classroom resources. Teach This Poem is another great resource (via Kathy Moore's newsletter) that creates a text-set around a poem with step by step lessons on how to teach it. Music is poetry, which is a great buy-in for students...here is a Music as Poetry Blogspot that has some great resources!

laugh out loud worthy...Key & Peele nail it

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