Roman Empire

By: Joanna Hendrickson


I chose the Roman Empire ,because I wanted to learn about the Roman Empire. The first paragraph is about how the Roman Empire had many punic was. The second paragraph is how the Roman Empire is established .Showing the many stages of development for the Empire. The third paragraph is about the early kings of rome.

Punic Wars

Ancient Rome had many Punic Wars. The Punic Wars started in 264 b.c. Three Punic Wars happened. Two centuries of warfare has turned Ancient Rome into a nation of soldiers .Hannibal [second punic war ] was the Carthaginian forces leader. Roman commander Publius Cornelius Scipio defeated Hannibal .The best courage and endurance of rome was tested by a long series of damaging wars. 50 years after 202 b.c. Rome attacked the city of Carthage.

The Kings of early Rome

The early Romans kept no written records . There are only 2 existing works that give the early history of Rome.These men used inaccurate literary works for their information about early Rome. This date is probably too for the actual founding city. One example of Numa Pompilius accomplishments was supposed to be adding.

The Roman Empire

One death of Tiberius dated a century of revolution and civil wars ending in the Roman Empire. Gaius Marius was the first popular military chief who was elected consul. In the year 90 bc the Italian allies had long demanded for full Roman citizenship and rose into revolt. This fearful struggle, called the Social War, lasted 2 years and ended in the conclusion of citizenship. For the first time rome was invaded by the Roman army lead by Sulla. With revenge Sulla finally slaughtered over 5,000 of his enemies . A gladiator named Spartacus led an army of runaway slaves into a war against Rome.


The 3 topics I researched helped me learned about Ancient Rome. I learned that throughout the project ,that Sulla killed over 5,000 of his opponents or enemies. There was a social war that lasted 2 years and ended in citiziship. I also learned that Roman fight other Romans. Also the devolpment of the Roman Empire had it's ups and down. Ending up in the Roman Empire .


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