March 11, 2020


Our district's Coronavirus Task Force, at the direction of the Superintendent, has reviewed guidance provided to schools by the Contra Costa Health Services department on 3/10/20, and has provided further information to school leaders and the public this morning regarding restrictions and limitations as a way to minimize risk. You can view the guidance sent to Principals here, and visit the MDUSD Coronavirus webpage for resources, recommendations, and updates.

At Pine Hollow, we will continue to encourage students and staff to wash hands, stay home if sick, and follow other recommendations to help minimize risk. We are working with the district and our PTSA to get more hand sanitizer, tissues, and hand soap dispensers in classrooms and bathrooms ASAP.

I realize there are lots of concerns at this time, so please know that I will immediately communicate via email, robocall, Remind, Twitter, and our school website should anything change. Thank you,

Ben Campopiano

Principal, Pine Hollow Middle School

(925) 672-5444