The Architect


INTJs are often referred to as bookworms. To many this might be an insult, but not to INTJs. This is a compliment. They analyze again and again to find solutions.
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INTJs stand firm in all their beliefs. They are confident and have an aura of mystery. They deconstruct every idea they see, and then quickly rebuild. If you don't see the point, you are likely not friends with an INTJ.
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INTjs are forever alone. They fail to see the point in socializing.Most social conventions seem pointless. They do not participate in gossip. This also leads to a very lackluster love life but hey, they have their work.
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INTJs are some of the most self-confident people you can find. They trust solely to rationalism and have no reason to doubt the conclusions that they reach.


INTJs are highly independent. They are strong introverts who love to be alone. They stand against what is popular if they believe something else is better. Authority figures are unimpressive at the best of times.

What am I?

I fit perfectly with INTJs. I took this test a few years ago and I got Inspector. This sits so much better. I am a total bookworm. I spend way to much time reading for my own good. I am also a very active Christian. I take hard stances that I have investigated. I am very suspicious of politics but have very strong views. I also have a hopeless love life. I spend too much time thinking and don't take risks. There are not really any major discrepancies. I guess I am not as open minded as they say I am. I am not sure what I think about most on the famous INTJs.
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