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using number talks in your classroom

As Lead Literacy/Math Teacher, my job is to take part in monthly training and share the information with you. I also get to share what you are doing with the rest of the LLTs. You are all AMAZING teachers and I love to see the different ways you are creating learning opportunities for your students. In this LLT group, we are under the guidance of Rosemary Cataldi, Education Manager. She provides us with useful resources and links us with other Nobel schools around the country. Through this SMORE, I will share with you some of the ideas, videos, and links that Ro has shared with us. Please explore the links in this SMORE which apply to you and share with me how you are already or would like to use this in your classroom by the next staff meeting. Thank you!

Why is standards-based math important?

The truth is that students are still being taught math the way we have always learned it. That hasn’t changed. However, in addition to the traditional way of learning math, students are being taught another approach to help them understand how and why math problems work—called "number sense". This new way shows students that numbers are just flexible things made up of other numbers and makes solving math problems that much easier.

View the video below to hear how this all makes sense.

What are Number Talks?

"Number talks can best be described as classroom conversations around purposefully crafted computation problems that are solved mentally." S. Parrish

Check out this link for an overview of math talks and their purpose.

Math Solutions: Number Talks - Helping Children Build Mental Math and Computation Strategies

How do I do it?

How to manage Number Talks

1. Keep it short (5-15 min).

2. Do it every day.

3. Give students lots of practice with the same kinds of problems.

4. Teach with intention. Start with your current topic and/or build toward your next.

5. Chart student thinking without judgement. Accept all answers without praise or criticism.

6. Encourage students to listen and ask questions of each other.

7. Encourage students to self correct.

Teaching Strategies to Build Number Sense

1. Model different methods for computing.

2. Ask students to calculate mentally.

3. Have class discussions about strategies for computing.

4. Make estimation an integral part of computing.

5. Pose numerical problems that have more than one answer.

6. Question students about their thinking.

Number Talks - Kindergarten 2015
Number talks mental math 2nd grade 006
3rd Grade Number Talks 2015
Number Talks 4th Grade
5th grade division number talk