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Future Biologist? Carlee Rocks Research!

Carlee is always learning and has an interest in biology! We think that is really cool. She explained to the Story Squad about animal adaptations, and how animals can create natural camouflage. “There's camouflage and mimicry. There's also migrating and hibernating.” Carlee was naturally enthusiastic and informative. This brand new 3rd grade Curtis Koala missed the opportunity to meet her teacher, Mrs. Gregg due to the pandemic, but she is a super scholar and we guarantee she won’t be hiding her knowledge! She will be sharing what she knows to help everyone grow. The Story Squad was delighted to meet this dazzling student and can’t wait to hear more from her. If you would like to learn more about camouflage and mimicry check out this website for PK-2 and this one for older students .

Focus for the Future! Ashley Sets Serious Goals!

Ashley, a Bellwood Bulldog, set a goal we can all benefit from: improving her focusing skills. “I stay focused by concentrating.” Miss Jacob’s student went on to share with the Story Squad that focusing helps her do better in her classes online. Her advice: “Don’t pay attention to outside things and listen.” Ashley is awesome! She is focused and has skills to help her now and in her future. Check out this article on helping your child stay focused during virtual learning.

Helping Hands Make Happy Hearts

Helping others makes us feel good. A.M. Davis kindergarten dragon, Anthony discovered this while volunteering to help his mother clean. “I helped mommy clean and it felt really good to help” This sincere and shy guy shared with the Story Squad that he helps his mother whenever he can. Doing even little things makes a big difference, and this little guy has made us proud. Keep helping whenever you can, Anthony, you are making a difference. Want a few tips on how to get your child to be a helper? See this link.

Superstar Teacher Shout-Out from Sterling!

Ms. Hayes makes everyday special, and a birthday extra-special! Even though she is no longer his teacher, Ms. Hayes went above and beyond to make Sterling, an Evergreen Eagle, birthday awesome. “The night before she visited and gave me a goodie bag and a birthday crown.” His mother shared, “This is only one of the MANY ways Ms. Hayes made every effort to help with a smooth transition for all of the virtual Kindergarten students and parents in the beginning of the year. She was amazing!” Well Sterling, the Story Squad thinks you are pretty amazing too, and we are grateful that you have the kindness to give a shout out to the amazing Ms. Hayes.

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Ahead of the Pack! This Winterpock Wolf is a Power Reader!

Annie, a Winterpock Wolf, is an accomplished reader. This fifth-grader read an amazing book, “A Night Divided” and recommends the book for those who like suspense and action. “Two of my favorite genres, I really recommend this book so go read it. The story, set in divided Germany, the heroine of the story overcomes several dangerous obstacles. Annie shared the plot with the Story Squad. The story resonated with Annie, “I felt you should always be persistent and if anyone stops you, you should always do what’s good.” Mrs. Ogburn, her teacher, is fortunate to have a student like Annie who loves to read and can share a story so beautifully. Keep reading, Annie, you have done your school and family proud!

Learn more about The Night Divided by Jennifer Nielson by visiting this link!
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