Stuck on a island for a month

What would you do if the plane you where on,was going down.What would you do?

A.parachute 16 Total

B.Sit tight,and try to survive the crash. 5

C.Try to land the plane. 6

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What would you take with you,if you knew that you where going to be stuck on a island?

A.Gun 16 Totals

B.Knife 6

C.Razor 1

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If you found food,possibly.What would you try to hunt for?

A.Coconut 3 Totals

B.Snake 3

C.Fish 19

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If there was a tribe,on the island.The tribe kidnapped you and force you to join.What would you do?

A.Escape 16 Totals

B.Decline,to join and die. 2

C.Escape 9

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If there was a tribe on the island,and they kidnapped a girl.What would you do?

A.Let it be,and stay out of it. 7 Totals
B.Be the superhero and save her,and risk you're life. 14
C.Eat a fish,and go to sleep. 7

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My summary

I am very proud of my self,but their is always room for improvement. I will continue to get better,about the survey. I wanted to make a survey about suspense, pull people in like a story. I am supperised about peoples response, looks like they enjoyed it and the suspense.