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2013 January Month End Review

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Congratulations on ringing in 2013 with a BANG!!

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A HUGE thank you to all of you for doing such a fabulous job at sharing our gorgeous new 2013 Spring Collection this month! Even more so...You did a PHENOMENAL job sharing your love for S&D and the opportunity with your friends, customers & hostesses!!

By simply sharing the sign up special and your passion for S&D, we shattered a team record this month!! The Glitz & Glam Girls add 21 NEW STYLISTS to our teams. You should all be incredibly proud of yourself for reaching out, connecting and giving someone special, the gift of a new S&D business!!

Welcome New Glitz & Glam Girls!!!

Dawn Michael - Sponsored by, Kristie Conklin
Janet Sanberg - Sponsored by, Kristie Conklin
Emily Darosa - Sponsored by, Jane Ford
Kara Phillips - Sponsored by, Sarah Zengerle
Megan Kosecki - Sponsored by, Sarah Zengerle
Megan Mickels - Sponsored by, Kelly Petitto
Jessica Graham - Sponsored by, Carissa Serylo
Kelsey Samborski - Sponsored by, Katie Androff
Amanda Buelow - Sponsored by, Katie Androff
Jennifer Kuhle - Sponsored by, Lacey Stevick
Paula Gillis - Sponsored by, Lauren Campbell
Amanda Sherman - Sponsored by, Lauren Cambell
Robin Peruggia - Sponsored by, Kristen Makins
Jenna Duke - Sponsored by, Kristen Makins
Audra Gilman - Sponsored by, Kristen Makins
Alison Manson - Sponsored by, Kristen Makins
Victoria Struebing - Sponsored by, Anne Scarfone
Carolyn Heaney - Sponsored by, Jennifer Thomm
Darcy Sabel - Sponsored by, Katie Jordan
Sarah Plowman - Sponsored by, Nina Yessian
Leann Hertzb - Sponsored by, Jacqualyn Tomyn

#1 In Team Sales - Erin Moharita $7,625

Congratulations Erin on an AMAZING 1st month as a Stella & Dot Stylist!!

Not only was Erin #1 in sales for the Glitz & Glam teams, but she was #4 in the entire NE region!!! All while working a full-time corporate job and having 2 little kiddos!! If you're wondering, "how she does it"? Here are Erin's tips for starting off STRONG!!

1) Keep your goals simple- you can’t accomplish everything at once- my first goal was to pay back all I put down to get my business started and I mapped out a plan to do this (book as many trunks shows as I could handle so I could make back commissions in sales and rack up jewelry credit so I could expand my line- this is all I focused on and made it happen!)- now that I have accomplished that I am starting to refine my next goal- my next goal is to get myself more organized at check out so I can book trunks shows at my trunk shows- to get better at this I have been reaching out to Sarah and other stylists in my area to ask them how they accomplished this- I am going to take their advice and tailor it to my personality and my area that I sell in.

2) Think outside the box to book a trunk show- I have only done a few what I would think would be called a normal trunk show- I have been brainstorming ideas on what I would think would be a fun trunk show and here are a few examples: baby shower for second baby (instead of gift for the new baby, guests buy jewelry so the mommy can get jewelry credits), superbowl party, a spa day, daycare trunk show, girl scout meeting trunk show…..some of these have been huge successes and a few were busts, but I am learning from each one I do.

3) Lastly if you are just starting out, I would say only buy jewelry samples that you are OBSESSED WITH and would wear all the time, at first I felt like I needed to get a good range of jewelry, but I found that the pieces I would not necessarily wear and I had the sample of were not selling at my trunk shows, but if I LOVE IT and wear it, it is so much easier for me to show someone how to wear it and get excited about it- eventually I hope to expand my line, but right now so I don’t put down too much in buying samples this how I am going to operate and it has been working for me.

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  1. Erin Moharita - $7,672
  2. Sarah Zengerle - $6,393
  3. Katie Androff - $3,646
  4. Kelly Petitto - $3,540
  5. Lacey Stevick - $3,318
  6. Nicole McIntosh - $3,236
  7. Ashley Vella - $3,115
  8. Nicole Honsberger - $2,871
  9. Kristie Conklin - $2,813
  10. Kristen Makins - $2,483

Stylists Who Sold $500 + Retail & Qualified - Earning FREE business supplies in 2013.

Jamie Brandimarte
Anne Marie Scarfone
Julia Parks
Amy Stanis
Jacqualyn Tomyn
Jane Ford
Carissa Serylo
Sarah Plowman
Erin O'Brien
Kim Niles
Jennifer Thomm
Melissa Waters
Bridget Drezwicki
Nina Yessian
Emily Korobkin
Jennifer Weiner
Aleksandra Palmer
Lauren Campbell
Vicky Darr
Lindsey Hill
Daria Flies
Courtney Riggins
Melyssa Nunnari
Anya Cobler
Darcy Ojeda
Amy Firek
Caroline Brubaker
Melissa Prowse
Amy Pruchnicki
Dawn Burch
Anna Bates
Ilana Tanowitz
Valeska Gerwin
Tracci Pucci
Megan Rivard
Amanda Sherman
Courtney DiGiovanni
Sarah Coville
Janet Sandberg
Julie Jinn
Kristy Allen
Sarit Thorp
Krista Klepchak
Kerri Rodriquez

Michigan Regional Basic Training Bootcamp - Sat. March, 2nd 1:00-5pm

Learn the basics of booking, selling, styling, growing a team, building your network and SO much more!!

Michigan girls - Click this link to register.

Not in Michigan? Visit this link to find a Regional Bootcamp Training Event near you or contact your sponsor for more details.

Michigan Regional Bootcamp Training

Saturday, March 2nd 2013 at 1-5pm

Mariott Hotel 27033 Northwestern Hwy Southfield, MI 48033

February Specials!!

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Drawing for Michael Kors Watch!!

Who's going to be the Lucky Winner?

Held one, two, three, or more qualified TS in January? Stayed tuned!!! We will be drawing the winner of this gorgeous Michael Kors watch TODAY!!

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