Grizzly Gazette

May 22, 2019

End of the Year

Finishing Up the 2018-2019 School Year

It is hard to believe it’s the end of another school year!

As with every school year, we have some farewells as we finish up this school year. Analisa Manzione came to us this year in first grade and she will be taking a parenting year off next year. Susan Payne has spent this year patching up scraped knees and elbows as our school nurse. She is headed over to Sagebrush next year. Christina Vatansever was a half time English Language Specialist and will be full time next year at Polton Community School. In the Speech Language department, Rachel Wormer has been at Meadow Point for seven years and will continue to work for Cherry Creek’s Child Find service and Early Childhood program. Finally, I think almost everyone knows Tasha Waldron, who has served the children and families at Meadow Point since 2005. This year, Tasha taught second grade and moves over to Peakview.

For everyone who is returning, here is a look at our certified staff next year:

2019 - 2020 Staff
Full Day Kindergarten: Heather Curd, Kelly Stanley, Krisa Clay
First Grade: Tracie Bernauer, JoBeth Ricker, and Kristin Tretten
Second Grade: Kristen Hagan, Gloria Johnson, and Kristen Savage
Third Grade: Anne Chapdelaine, Rochelle Bagwin, and Evie Solano
Fourth Grade: Misty Maez, Lori Roenfeldt, and Cassie Shaefer
Fifth Grade: Heidi Hubescher, Jim Heit, Charmaine Jackson and Vycci Sandoval
Specials: Dustin Vick – Tech, Rachel Noble - Music, Evan Norris – PE, Alex McBride – Art
Instructional Support: Melanie Bacon – Learning Specialist, Mark Moore – Learning Specialist, Kaddie Roberts - Integrated Learning, Heather Albin - Integrated Learning, Lindsey Leonard - Speech, Heather Hickman (from Canyon Creek Elementary School) - Speech, Brett Turner – Occupational Therapist, Becky O’Malley – English Language Specialist, Betty Price – Interventionist, Brigitte Cranmer – Interventionist, Mary Chase – Gifted and Talented and Math Interventionist, Ben Reisbeck - Gifted and Talented and Literacy Interventionist Sarah Lindquist – Social Worker, Julia Harris – Psychologist, Tammy French – Instructional Coach

Administration: Tom McDowell – Principal, and Unique Cooper – Assistant Principal

Some other things you should know about…
  • We will have a summer program where children (up to 18 years old) can come eat a FREE lunch (yes, anyone) from 11:00 to 1:00 in the Meadow Point cafeteria. Adults may eat for $4.00 and this program startsWednesday, May 29th.
  • Our office will be open until June 20th from 8:00 to 3:00. You are welcome to call the office at 720.886.8600 for questions during this time, or stop by. Additionally, office staff will be available via email.

Tom McDowell –

Unique Cooper –
Debra McCarthy –

Trudy Koopman –

  • The office will reopen on Monday, July 22th.
  • Class lists will be available for people completing on-line check-in at 4:00 pm on Thursday, August 8th during our Ice Cream Social.
  • Please check lost and found ASAP during office hours as anything left will be donated.

I hope everyone has a safe and active summer and look forward to seeing you in the fall!

Tom McDowell

Full-day kindergarten is coming

Dear parents of incoming kindergarten students:

We are excited to let you know that the Colorado Legislature has approved full-day kindergarten, beginning in the 2019-2020 school year. This means that Cherry Creek Schools will now offer full-day kindergarten, rather than half-day kindergarten and kindergarten enrichment, and there will be no cost to our families. If you have already registered your child for kindergarten enrichment, your registration will automatically be changed to full-day kindergarten.

Full-day kindergarten is great news for your children. Research shows that full day kindergarten helps students develop the social, emotional and academic skills they will need to be successful in first grade and beyond.

The Cherry Creek School District is known for being “Dedicated to Excellence,” and that will hold true for full-day kindergarten. Throughout the district, we are hiring more outstanding kindergarten teachers who will welcome your children to school in August. These exceptional educators will participate in several professional development sessions before the new school year begins, to prepare them for the transition from half-day to full-day instruction. We are also adding and furnishing additional kindergarten classrooms where your children will learn, play and grow.

We are excited to welcome your child and their peers in the Class of 2032 to full-day kindergarten in Cherry Creek Schools!


Cherry Creek Schools


If you are interested in volunteering and having a voice in the Meadow Point community, please join The Meadow Point PTCO at our next meeting on Wednesday, May 15th at 5:00 in the library.

The Meadow Point PTCO needs new officers for the 2019-2020 school year, and we need your help! It is critical that we fill these open positions in order to have a well-functioning PTCO.

Descriptions of the open positions can be found below. Note, the time commitment for each position is approximately 1 to 2 hours a month.

If you have any questions, or if you are interested but are unable to attend the meeting, please contact Elizabeth Kreutzer at

Thank you for your involvement!

This is what the PTCO is responsible for at school:

*The Fall Carnival

*The Fun Run

*Trunk or Treat

*The School Dance

*The Silent Auction

*Conference dinners for teachers

This is what the PTCO has funded over the last few years:

*A new marquee in the front of the school

*Remodeled the teachers’ lounge

*A drinking fountain with a water bottle refill station

*Grants for teachers

*New furniture for the lobby

Treasurer Job Description:

The PTCO Treasurer is the custodian of the PTCO’s funds. The Treasurer helps develop the budget, collects fundraising money, writes checks for purchases and reimbursements, tracks income and spending, makes financial reports, and organizes the books for annual audit. The Treasurer will also file tax documents for the PTCO when necessary. The Treasurer will attend a mandatory training once a year.

Secretary Job Description:

The Secretary attends meetings, records and keeps the minutes of each PTCO meeting, and assists the President with correspondence. The Secretary will supply a copy of the most recent minutes to the PTCO members for approval at each meeting, and maintains a log of members’ contact information for reference. The Secretary also maintains a file of all approved minutes, agendas, and meeting materials.

Fundraiser Coordinator Job Description:

The Fundraising Coordinator is the administrator for all fundraising activities. The Fundraising Coordinator plans, organizes, promotes, implements, and evaluates all campaigns and activities related to the goal of raising money.

Online Communications Coordinator Job Description:

The Online Communications Coordinator shall update the PTCO website and Facebook page regarding PTCO events, and post all documents, including agendas and minutes, in a timely manner. The Online Communications Coordinator also assists with coordinating all social media for PTCO events such as the Fall Carnival, Fun Run, Trunk or Treat, and the School Dance.

Tree Ring Yearbook

You still have time to order your Meadow Point yearbook. Attached is information for online ordering from Tree Ring
Big picture

Family Liaison Information

Dear Meadow Point Families,

Happy New Year! I would like to just take a few minutes to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Joei Sayers I am the school's new Family/Community Liaison. I am a Grizzly parent as well. It is my job to help families in our school community get involved by volunteering whether at the school or at a school function as well as connecting you with resources available to you in our community. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, ideas or concerns that I can help you with to make Meadow Point Grizzly Great.

Phone: 720-886-8655 Email:

Meadow Point can really thrive when parents and guardians in the community get involved. Here are a few ways you can help out.

Teachers sometimes need help in the class as well as cutting and sorting papers for classroom projects. We have many functions throughout the year where an hour or two of your time can make a huge difference, for instance our school carnival, fun run, field day, school dances etc.

Our PTCO is also a great way to get involved. The meetings are usually one hour once or twice a month you can sit in and listen to what is going on in the Meadow Point school community and give us your feedback.

Book Nook

A BIG Thank You to GE Johnson Construction CO. for their donation of our book nook located in the foyer at the front entrance of the school. So feel free to take a book, borrow a book or leave a book. If you have some extra books lying around that you would like to donate please contact Joei Sayers here at the school.

Cafeteria News

Please see the attached for information on applying for Free and Reduced Meals all school year.

Free and Reduced

Please see the attached for carryover eligibility for current year to next year.

Pre-School Enrollment

Attached is Information on 2019-2020 Pre-School Enrollment.