Southeast Region

By : Taylor Goulet


In the southeast it is very common to see alligators in swamps. Although there are some endangered animals to such as the manatee also known as the sea cow, and the panther. In the south east you can hunt for animals that live in the woods, such as the bear, and the deer. Farming isn't only about animals you can also grow crops and gardens! In south east gardens you will see peanuts, oranges , peaches , sugar canes, apples, cotton, and at some points pineapples. Foods such as limes, lemons, and grapefruits grow well in Florida.

Soybeans are used for vegetable oil and food for live stocks. Did you know that pine trees make furniture paper and pencils?


The southeast has many tourist and many common jobs. One of the common jobs is an engineer for rockets. Another common job is mining . In time engineers built a wall to keep the mississippi from flooding. Moving on , tourist usually come so the south east once a year every winter. Because tourist flock to the beach every year they are called sun birds.


In the southeast the states that mine are West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The two things that we usually mine for are fossil fuels , and coal . Fossil fuels come from remains of plants and animals. Coal is used for nylon, paints , aspirins, and many other things.


In the Southeast there are two main landforms. One of the landforms is called the inner coastal plain. The other is called the coastal plain. These landforms may have forests with fruit trees , prairies , flowers , and gardens. The southeast also has Myrtle beach and many barrier islands.

Describe the climate

The southeast is one of the hottest regions. The southeast is warm when the rest of the nation is cold. It is even warm in december in the 70 degrees range! Although the weather may sound perfect there is some on and off rain. There also is a high chance of hurricanes from june to november. Although at the highest going back to warmer weather is 50 and 80 degrees. The southeast get's more direct sunlight because it is closer to the equator. The equator can also be called the sun belt.

Southeast states

The southeast has 12 states. The names of the states are Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana , Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Virginia , South carolina , and finally north carolina.