LSC Mindful Moment



This issue will be focusing on:

  • What's new with LSC_SEL
  • Brain-Aligned Practices
  • PD opportunities
  • Resources for Educators
  • LSC_SEL Notice

What's New with LSC_SEL

LSC is focused on being adversity responsive through the use of brain-aligned practices for ALL stakeholders in our corporation. What does that look like?

In LSC classrooms you will see:

  • educator brain state awareness
  • teaching of neuroanatomy
  • co-regulation with students
  • adversity responsive
  • trauma-informed
  • brain-aligned practices
  • focus on relationships
  • safe classroom environments
  • consistent procedures, routines, and structures

LSC AEN framework provides 4 pillars for this work:

1. Educator Wellness

2. Co-Regulation

3. Connection

4. Neuroanatomy

More on this framework is to come in the following months!

Brain Aligned Practices

Are you wanting to start integrating more brain-aligned practices into your classroom but not sure where to start? CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) has created a playbook with 3 signature and simple practices to start with!

These practices are :

  • Welcoming/Inclusion Activity
  • Engaging Strategies, Brain Breaks, and Transitions
  • Optimistic Closures

Included in this playbook are MANY variations of these practices ready to go for implementation. Check it out at the button below!

PD Opportunities

Check out these professional development opportunities available in LSC along with others outside the corporation.


These first few weeks of school, I have taught brain lesson 1 to students in K-12 classrooms all across LSC. Of all these visits, I have been in classrooms at Edgelea the most! Thank you Indians for allowing space for this work! Your excitement for bringing neuroscience into your classrooms is noticed and appreciated.

If you are interested in having these lessons taught in your classroom check out this flyer and sign up with the Bookme link below.

Resources for Educators

Did you miss the 5 Steps To Starting The Year Off Right infographic? You can find it linked here.

The LSC SEL website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Check it frequently for updates, resources, and more!

Did you know LSC_SEL has a Youtube channel? Check it out!

LSC Mindful Breaks List is now available.

Looking for a mentor text to support an SEL lesson? This document is FULL of amazing and popular texts!

There is power in positive phone calls to guardians. This article gives simple and useful steps on making this a regular practice in your classroom.