Conflict in Africa


Piracy is an act of invasion by African pirates on a cargo ship.


Piracy occurs mainly on the coasts of Northeastern Africa. On the Northeastern borders of Yemen, Kenya, Tanzania, and in the Gulf of Aden is where the most Piracy on ships occur.


PIrates can strike at any time. The best thing to prepare is to keep a safe with weapons or have security on board. That's my opinion.


Piracy is attempted and often succeeded by African Pirates. These pirates use small boats, and a lot of weapons to take control of the targeted ship. Once they take control, they bring the whole ship back back or to Africa. The crew on the ship that they invade usually do not make it.

This picture represents where Piracy in Africa is located

This represents the African pirates that would invade the cargo ships.

This is a cargo ship that would be included in Piracy.

For instance, Captain Phillips is an example for Piracy in the Oceans.

Captain Phillips survived the invasion of his ship near the coast of Africa. He did everything he could to live to see his family again. The coast guard had communicated with the Pirates to try to trade. Captain Phillips tried escaping, but did not succeed. The national guard had to assassinate the pirates inside of the escape boat from the ship with Phillips inside.

Captain Phillips was one of the many stories that stood out, that they made a movie!