College Composition & Research

Anna Shackelford

What You Need to Know About Me:

I am a hard-working, determined, individual. I adore the outdoors and all activities thereof such as hiking, camping, kayaking, running, etc. Over the past summer (2017) I continued to develop my determination by running both my first 10k and my first Half Marathon. I intend to utilize my work ethic and determination to obtain a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting with a minor in Theater with the overall goal of becoming an independent artist with an emphasis in performance based art.

Academic Resume

The following button will take you to a copy of my academic resume created in my College Composition and Research Class taught by Dr. Jill Watkins of Chillicothe High School. The resume lists my most important high-school achievements and honors including my numerous volunteer and service hours in a well-organized and easily-navigated setup.


In this essay, I describe the lessons I have learned through training for my most recent race, a half marathon.


In this essay, I address the prompt of "How We Believe" through a series of narrative written about my single mother and the struggles she has had to overcome.

Spinning Into Focus

In this essay, I analyse the attention span Myth through the prompt "How We Watch" in an analysis essay format.

Looking for Learning

In this essay, I utilize the information obtained from video chat interviews of prominent educational figures throughout Missouri conducted by Chillicothe High School Seniors to discuss the prompt "How We Learn."

The Millennium of Millennials

In this essay, I outline the false accusations of the older generations towards millennials while discussing the prompt of "How We Work."

Securing Food in the Desert of Today's Hungy America

In this essay, I describe the crisis of overabundant food deserts in America and the consequences of these food deserts on food insecure families through the prompt "How We Eat."

Breaking Down a Successful Paper

In this video, I break down the key components of a successful paper by walking the viewer through my most successful paper.

Top 5 Things to Do in Doc Wat's Class

In this video, I list out my top 5 tips on surviving Doc Wat's Class.

Did you know?

In this video, I provide information that I learned while writing one of my most recent papers in a fun, easy-to-watch, format.